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Chemical peels became a late ‘90s phenomenon, even (pun intended) showing face on the big screen via Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones showing up to a party too soon after a procedure looking like, in Carrie’s words, “beef carpaccio.” Despite the name sounding quite intimidating, peels remain popular today and truly aren’t a painful procedure. Like Samantha Jones, you want to feel fabulous; just make sure to give your skin enough recovery time post-procedure so as not to scare any children on the street.

What is Pyruvic Acid?

Pyruvic acid is a type of chemical used in a medium-depth chemical peel that helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne blemishes and scars, evens out skin tone and texture and improves overall look and smoothness of the skin.

How Long Does Pyruvic Acid Take to Get Done?

Appointments don’t typically take too long, with the peel being left on for about 3-5 minutes and the entire procedure usually taking between 30-90 minutes.

How Long Does Pyruvic Acid Last?

The effects from treatments should last around 4-6 months with definite recommendations to continue treatments thereafter to keep the skin looking fresh and healthy.

How Much Does Pyruvic Acid Cost?

These kinds of peels can be as low as $150 however, for deeper and more complex peels, upwards of $3000 or more.

Where to Get Pyruvic Acid in Kissimmee

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