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 On a scale of 1-10 how good are you with clippers or a razor in hand? Hmmm, that’s what we thought. I mean, on a normal day it gets the job done. But you and I both know that there’s nothing quite like getting your hair professionally cut or treated. There’s just a level of confidence that gets unlocked once you stepped out that barbershop that doesn’t quite hit the same once you’ve given yourself a quick cut at home, right? But finding a barber that’s not yours is sometimes stressful and a tedious process. It’s a lot of trial and error. That’s where Booksy comes in. Whether you’re looking for a quick cut in Roodepoort, or you’ve just moved to the area and need to find a new barber that you can regularly go to, you can view rates and reviews of affordable barbers in the area, check out their portfolio and even make your booking online. The Booksy platform is super convenient! Can I book my barber appointment online in Roodepoort? The Booksy platform is so quick and easy to use, even the less tech savvy folk can use it. You can find the best men’s barbershops in Roodepoort, view their rates and availability, and even share your experience by leaving a review after your treatment for other clients to see. You will need a device with internet, like a phone or computer. Online appointments can be made through the Booksy web page, or the free Booksy mobile app. Our app is a fave because you don’t need to pay any sign up or subscription fee to use it. Once your appointment is confirmed by the barbershop, Booksy will send notifications and email reminders of your upcoming treatment. How can I find the best barber near me? Firstly, you need to know what you want. Just like anything else in life. Once you know exactly what type of haircut or style you want and the level of expertise that is required, it will make your search go a lot quicker on the Booksy platform. Booksy has large database of local health and beauty salons that we have screened before, so you’re guaranteed to find only the best and highly recommended specialists on our platform. Booksy allows you to tailor your search according to your preferred price range, location, and even specific therapist. You can also use the map view to search for the best barbers in Roodepoort, before comparing their rates or reviews and making your final decision.  How can I find affordable barbers in Roodepoort? Finding a barbershop in Roodepoort can be somewhat stressful when there’s so many reputable ones in the area to choose from. Let’s not even talk about finding an affordable one that’s also conveniently close enough to you. Well, prices vary depending on the establishment, their expertise, the type of treatment you’ve booked for and often the location. Using the Booksy platform, you can compare prices of barbers easily, as this is the first bit of information you see before you even open their profile. If you need to sift through various services of the barbershop, or check out their monthly specials, you can simply click on their profile and compare it to your top picks in Roodepoort. How can I find barbers in Roodepoort that are open right now? All barbers have their working hours visible on their Booksy profile. Based on their availability as listed on the Booksy platform, you can choose your preferred date and time. A monthly or weekly overview of their booking schedule and rough estimate of treatment duration will also be up on their profile, so you’re able to see where you can slot yourself in. With Booksy, you can make your booking online as close to the nearest hour on the same day. How can I find a barbers that is open near me? By using the Booksy mobile app or web page, you can find the best and most professional barbers in Roodepoort that are currently open. Make sure your device’s location service is activated, otherwise Booksy can’t access your current location and filter your search. You can use the map view to browse through suburbs or zip codes around your current location. Alternatively, Booksy also allows you to filter your search by using your preferred appointment date. This will help us find the best barbershops available in your area that suit your specific day and time slots.