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  • Caroline Neville Brow Cosmetics

    967 m Keswick Avenue, 32, PO3 5BA, Portsmouth

    Patch Test (free)

    Free Patch test for the following treatments: - HD Brows - The Fluffy Brow (Brow Lamination) - Eleebana Lash Lift and Tint - Henna Brows

    PMU Consultation - Free

    During your consultation we will perform a skin test, run through what you can expect during your treatment, pre-treatment advice and aftercare. Its also an opportunity for me to asses your brows, skin type and any previous PMU you may have, this enables me to advice what I believe to be the best treatment for you.

    Lip Blush

    Please Book in for a free 'PMU Consultation' at least 24 hours prior to your Combination Brows appointment. This is to run through pre treatment information Do's and Don’ts, asses suitability and to perform a skin test. Lip Blush can enhance the beauty of the natural lip colour, correct asymmetry, and add fullness and definition. ​ Ageing can cause the lips to loose their natural density of colour and shape, particularly around the vermillion border. Regular use of dermal lip fillers can also effect the appearance of the lip colour. ​ With this treatment, it is possible to correct the fading colour of lips and restore the shape, giving the appearance of fuller lips (without the filler). Results can customised for every client, wether it be a light wash of colour or a more vibrant result.
  • Glamour Cuts And Beauty

    15.8 mi 17 Onslow Road, 17 Onslow Road, SO14 0JD, Southampton




    1h 45min


    1h 30min
  • Lash Queens UK

    3.5 mi 12 Park Avenue, PO7 5DW, Waterlooville

    Classic Lashes

    Classic lash extensions applied to the natural lash. Style & look tailored to the client. Patch test required for new clients and those returning after 6-months.
    1h 45min

    Classic Infills

    Classic lash extensions applied to infill after a full set. Only available to current clients.
    1h 15min

    Hybrid Lashes

    A mixture of classic & handmade Russian fans, applied to the natural lashes. Style & look tailored to the client. Patch test required for new clients and those returning after 6-months.
    2h 15min
  • Juniper Nails Beauty - Brazilian Waxing Specialist

    16.7 mi 126 Shirley Road, Shirley, SO15 3FD, Southampton, England

    G string

    As with extended bikini but with removal of hair from the perineum and inner buttocks. Leaving a larger amount of hair on the pubic bone and labia.


    As with the G String wax but removing hair from the labia. Leaving a Landing strip of hair on the pubic bone.


    All hair removed.
  • SC Aesthetics LTD

    9.8 mi 7 Kipling close, Whiteley, PO15 7LR, Fareham


    Consultations are free. £10 cancellation fee payable if cancelled less than 48hrs or no show

    Day 7 8 point non surgical facelift kit

    Restore youth with the 8 point facelift. Dermal filler is used in the cheek, jaw, jowl, nasolabial and marionette area.

    Day 8 SOSUM Soft skin booster 2 treatments

    Sosum Soft is an extremely versatile CE hydro-lifting skin enhancer with the perfect physical properties to minimise product wastage even with multi-needle applications. Experience instant visible improvements with a multitude of application methods and results that last. For use all over the face, neck and fine lines on the back of the hand. This product excels in removing fine lines and wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and improving moisture retention.
  • LH Beauty Room

    11.9 mi Maddoxford Lane, SO32 2DG, Southampton

    Gel Hands

    Includes removals

    Luxury Manicure with Gel

    Doesn’t include removal- if you need removals you need to add as another service.

    Builder In a bottle Gel hands

    Ideal for those that would like to strengthen their nails and give them extra protection. It is a hard gel overlay which can be used on natural nails or with any Gel service
    1h 15min

    12.3 mi OLD FORGE COTTAGE, HEATHEN STREET, SO32 2BT, Southampton







Day spa in Portsmouth

As one of the biggest cities on the South Coast of England, Portsmouth is a busy place with plenty going on. It is also a good place to find a day spa treatment because there are numerous day spa establishments operating within the area. If you are looking for a day spa in Portsmouth, then turn to Booksy to help you make an appointment with ease. Book a day spa appointment online in Portsmouth Booksy can be accessed online with a web browser or with our app. Either way, you can find day spa places nearby by simply entering 'Portsmouth' into the search field. A list of local day spas will appear on your screen with some sample pricing to give you an idea of the sort of treatments each of the establishments provides. Simply hit the 'Book' button by any of these to enter the date and time you'd like a treatment. Alternatively, select a particular day spa in Portsmouth and view its full range of treatment options. Not sure what a day spa does? A day spa is much like a residential spa except that you will not stay at the establishment after your treatment(s) have been completed. Instead, they are intended for day visitors only. That said, day spas in the city of Portsmouth are often just as luxurious as spa resorts and provide many of the same treatments. A typical menu of services will include massages, facials, exfoliation treatments and pedicures. Beauty treatments are also often available, including things like threading, eyelash applications and microblading, to name but three. How can you choose the best day spa in Portsmouth? Every day spa in the city has been rated by Booksy users. Therefore, when you are looking for day spa places nearby in Portsmouth, you will be able to establish which of them has the best reputation. Not only does Boosky provide a rating for each of the service providers but you can also see how many users have contributed to their score. This way, you'll know whether it is made up of just a couple of reviews or many more. Even better, you can click or tap on a particular day spa and read the reviews other Booksy users have left for it to gain an even greater level of detail about its service provision. How much does a day spa cost? Most day spas in the city do not charge for a full day's access to their services. Instead, you will pay by the treatment. Some treatments take longer and cost more while others are relatively inexpensive. Helpfully, Booksy will provide some sample pricing of typical treatments on your search results list. A 15-minute brow waxing treatment might cost as little as £8 in Portsmouth. However, a dermal filler treatment could cost as much as £100. As such, the pricing very much depends on what you want and how many treatments you would like to book yourself in for. How to find a day spa open now Most day spas in the city are closed on Sundays, but not all. There again, some close at the end of office hours while others provide services long into the evening. To find one open now, simply input the current date and hour into Booksy and search for day spa places nearby. All of the establishments that are currently open for bookings will appear on your device for you to choose from. Cheap day spas in Portsmouth As mentioned above, Booksy provides some sample pricing so you can filter your search results according to the amount that is charged for various treatments. You can also see the full price list when you select a particular day spa. This way, you'll be able to find the least expensive day spa places in Portsmouth without any hassle. In some cases, you will also be able to see special offers for particular treatments that may be available. Day spas near you Booksy provides a handy way to find day spas near to your current location. Just tap the 'search near me' button and you will see a list of day spa places nearby to your current whereabouts. Make sure your device's locational data is being shared so that this will work. Of course, you can also track down day spa places nearby in Portsmouth by making use of Booksy's map feature, too.