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There is nothing better than a spot of self-care in the form of pampering treatments, and when you want the best treatments in Bristol, you have to find the best beauty salon in Bristol! Booksy is a system that has been developed with exactly that in mind, matching up customers with the establishments that can offer the best services depending on criteria like budget and location. Book A Beauty Salon Appointment Online in Bristol You can take all of the stress out of booking a beauty salon appointment in Bristol with the help of the Booksy website or app. Simply input your location and the type of treatment that you are looking for, and the search engine will provide you with a list of all of the appropriate establishments in your area. You can then toggle these results into lists according to criteria like price, distance and customer rating. Once you settle on the salon that you want to visit, you can book an appointment right there via Booksy. You don't have to leave the app, there's no extra internet searching or website hopping needed to secure your spot. Not Sure What a Beauty Salon Does? A beauty salon is a one stop shop for all of your personal grooming needs and desires. Depending on the specialties of the establishment, you can expect to book appointments for everything ranging from nails to skin to make up to tanning to non-invasive cosmetic procedures and more. Most beauty treatments can be done in a DIY fashion at home, but there is no arguing that the most professional and successful treatments are performed within a beauty salon environment. The range of treatments will depend on the salon. Some salons may specialise in certain types of treatment. Some establishments may offer a range of services tied into a specific brand of products. Others may be a full spa set up and others may offer alternative therapies. Some beauty salons also include a hairdressers and/or a nail bar so you can get top to toe treatments if you wish. Some of the most common treatments are: Hair removal (waxing, depilatory or laser) Facials Chemical peels and wraps Nail care Massage therapy Manicure Pedicure Eyelash lifting and tinting Semi-permanent makeup Botox (if the salon is licenced) How To Choose the Best Beauty Salon in Bristol The best thing to do when it comes to picking a beautician nearby in Bristol from the list of results in the Booksy directory is to set the search settings to show you the place that best fits your needs. You can ask for results to be sorted according to cost, location, the variety of treatment or by salon reputation. One of the most effective features of the Booksy app is the reviews section. For each beauty salon, you will find a number of reviews and ratings from previous customers who have booked an appointment through the app and reading through these honest testimonials is a great way to help you decide which salon might be the best fit for you. How Much Does a Beauty Salon Cost? Treatments at a beauty salon will vary in cost. Some of the average prices are: ● Manicures - £20 ● Pedicures - £20 ● Massage - £40 ● Skin treatment - £50 ● Waxing - £15 - £60 ● Makeup - £30 - £75 How To Find Beauty Salons Open Now? The recommended way to find out exactly when your chosen beauty salon is going to be open is to head over to the salon's own website for the most up to date information reading their opening hours. You can never be certain that a comparison or aggregate website is going to have the most current information, so it is best to check directly. Cheap Beauty Salons in Bristol If you are looking to save money on your trip to the beauty salon, then find out which place has the lowest prices and best offers by ordering the results by price in the Booksy search settings. In a few simple clicks, you will be able to see which is the cheapest running all the way down to the most expensive. This helps potential customers to see the vast differences in price that different salons can charge. Beauty Salons Near You To make your trips to the beauty salons in Bristol as simple and time sensitive as possible, you can tell Booksy to order the search results to display the closest salons first. All you need to do is input your preferred location and the directory will list salons in order of distance away with those closest to you at the top of the list. Ready to Book? Beauty treatments are about pampering yourself, so you don't want a stressful experience trying to find the salon that offers the treatment you want at a price you want to pay in a location that's handy for you. Download the Booksy app and enjoy how easy the process is.