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Bristol is an artistic and liberal city with a fascinating, lively mix of cultures and a largely forward-thinking population. With so much going on, it should come as no surprise that the city also holds a great selection of massage therapists with a variety of specialisms, from sports and full-body massages to couple’s massages and hot stone treatments. Regardless of when, where and at what price you want your next massage in Bristol, Booksy has everything you need to find your perfect option.  Book massage appointment online in Bristol With tonnes of useful filters, massage therapists nearby to choose from, browsing options, and scheduling your next massage appointment online with Booksy has never been easier. Our free and simple to use system is available online at Booksy.com and via our useful mobile app, making it quick and hassle-free to browse massage places open now near you and book an appointment at a convenient time for you from anywhere with internet reception.  Not sure what massage therapists do?  If you are new to the world of massage therapy it can be confusing. There are many different types of massages and therapists with various specialisms. This can mean anything from a rigorous sports massage to improve your recovery from physical exertion to a meditative hot-rock massage that’s so relaxing you might find yourself drifting off to sleep. But all of them are based on the idea of using hands or objects to apply pressure and relieve pain. Oftentimes, a massage shop will offer other health and beauty treatments, from nail salon services to facials. If you have pain in a particular area, you could try a massage to address the affected area e.g. feet, back, legs, neck or shoulders, alternatively you can opt for full-body massage.  How to choose the best massage in Nottingham? With Booksy, we have made it easy for users like you to browse the massage therapists across Bristol and evaluate them using the star rating, reviews and services offered. To help you make the decision, you add each massage therapist nearby to a shortlist and narrow down your selections. Once you have tried a massage therapist you can write your own review for your personal notes and help our other Booksy users.  How much does a massage cost?  Bristol is home to students and professionals alike, so there are massage therapists to cater to various sized budgets. Booksy makes it easy to review the different services and prices at a glance and find something within your price range. Usually, a massage in an isolated area e.g. leg, foot or neck will cost around £20 with full-body massages starting at around £40 and lasting for one hour.  How to find a massage specialist open now? If you’re interested in massage places open now near you, then a quick search on Booksy will offer a comprehensive list of all available options. You will be provided with accurate opening times and a chance to book your next appointment through our easy-to-use system. Most massage places operate from early morning until the evening (7-8am to 6-7pm) with the busiest times early in the morning before most people start work and later in the evening after 5pm, you can also expect to see a lunchtime rush around midday.  Cheap massage therapists in Nottingham As we mentioned earlier, massages come in a wide range of prices depending on what you want. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, we suggest you use our sort by feature to help you find the best massage deals in Bristol. Keep in mind that there are often discounts available for couples massages.  Specialist near you To find massage places open now near you in Bristol, Booksy has a useful feature to help. After your initial search, you will be presented with the list view of available options. However, using the Map View button, located on the top right side of the list, you can easily see which massage locations are most conveniently located for you, while also seeing some quick info on prices, opening hours, and reviews.  For quick and easy massage appointment booking, accurate prices, locations, and reviews search on Booksy.com.