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    Bakesy Cutz Barbershop

    47.2 mi 54 Boston Road, Bakesy cutz London, W7 3TR, London, London

    Shape Up + Beard

    An elegant beard trimming service. Whether it be short, medium, or long beards you prefer, the Empire Barbers will deliver. This option also includes a general shape up to sharpen your overall look & have you looking smarter during your visit.

    Adult Haircut without beard

    A quality haircut suitable for adults, completely professional and can provide you with any style you want. Feel free to either ask for suggestions or let us know which look you prefer, whether it be something more traditional or even trendy, the Empire Barbers will get it done.

    Beard trim

    A separate beard trimming option to either include with other services or its own, catering to all styles out there.