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Naturally Healthy and Beautiful
111 East 125th Street Suite 1A New York, NY 10035, New York, 10035
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Naturally Healthy and Beautiful

111 East 125th Street Suite 1A New York, NY 10035, New York, 10035


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Trim Color
by Tamela Bennett
Tammy is one of the nicest hair stylists I have ever met. Once you come in to her shop she welcomes you with a great conversation of what type of hair... style you want. She makes sure your comfortable while she is doing your hair. She is such a cool mom. I would definitely come back to her in the next month. Show more
Deep conditioning
by Tamela Bennett
Great Vibe ! Amazing service ! Definitely my go to spot now !
by Tamela Bennett
Great environment great vibes great job done
Natural styles
by Tamela Bennett
I like the hair cut very much.
Hair cut
by Tamela Bennett
I've been looking to get a haircut for a while, found a pic of a haircut I liked and I showed it to Tamela. She said I can do this and she did! My hai...r is fabulous and I am happy with the results. Definitely recommend her to friends. Show more
Replied: Jul 22, 2020
Naturally Healthy and Beautiful
thank u so much for trusting me to do your cut. It was my pleasure and i hope to see you again
So this review, is a bit delayed because i wanted to make sure that my hair reverted back, before I praised her to be the natural hair goddess that sh...e apparently is. :) I have been looking for a hair salon/stylist that I feel comfortable with and that understands the process of de-tangling natural hair, (without removing most of it from my head during the process), nourishing it from within as well as outwardly maintaining with treatments, and was knowledgeable about hair in general as I am on a healthy natural hair journey. Tamela is a one woman show and was helpful in all of the above and was probably, most impressive as she was familiar with dealing with clients that experience occasional seborreheic dermatitis flare ups. She was super flexible as I had called the day of in hopes of getting a trim. I rarely do much when going to any natural hair salon as while I want to patron as it is run by people of color, (who often times have very similar hair textures, i might add) I am charged for every "service" that honestly should just be included. Charged for "takedown" really!? I already de-tangled and left in huge dookey braids to make it easy. I'm out here in public looking like Coolio's play cousin and you want to take on an extra 25!? That being said, Tamela was fair in her pricing, which made tipping a pleasure. A TX transplant, she has found her home, slaying hair in Harlem. While I asked her to not style initially, she convinced me to try a press out, that looked so great. Unfortunately, weather was not on my side, but I definitely left poppin' none the less and rocked my messy bun til the wheels buckled. I have full faith that her natural styles will also be quite pretty. She was fun to chat with and very pleasant and didn't make me seem like an inconvenience, an attitude that is sometimes all too familiar at black owned hair salons and barbershops. I will definitely be back in her chair for a wash and style!!
Just moving to NYC, it's been hard to find a good quality hair stylist, that actually cares about your hair. I'm so glad I stumbled upon Tamela. She k...nows her stuff. I've been natural for about two years. Still trying to figure out ways to manage my hair. She took the time to talk to me about my hair. She was very informative and seems to be passionate about her work. I went in for a wash, deep condition and blow dry. Tamela talked me through the whole process. I left better understanding my hair. She is very personable and has a way of making you feel comfortable. I enjoyed my experience and MY HAIR!!! I will definitely be going back. :)
There are some reviews that I will mull over for a while before posting. This is not one of them. Although, we changed my appointment a few times-- mo...stly my fault-- Tamela honored her promise to have me feeling good and out of her chair on time for my next event of the evening. Tamela works by appointment at her salon but is great at communicating and working within your time limitations. Although, this is not the type of salon where you are regaled with champagne or fancy robes your hair sure will look like you went to one of them. She asked about my hair care routine and what my goals were for my hair and look. Her main concern is that you walk out rocking healthy, stylish hair that you can be proud of. The crazy looking hair I walked in with, seemed to bow to her superior hair knowledge and just transformed. My hair was washed, treated with a two part protein treatment and shaped into an angled bob with lots of layers. I am not a friend to scissors but I surely enjoyed this cut and service overall. A true reflection of "you get what you pay for." There were no snafus nor did I ever feel like I was being misinformed or goaded into anything. Check out her website to get an idea on pricing. For the time being she is cash only but should be accepting credit/debit cards soon. (She definitely honored the yelp check in discount! Way to go!)
I called on a whim because I just wasn't feeling my hair today and luckily she was available and actually waited for me to arrive. She talked to me ab...out my hair issues and concerns. She explained everything she was doing to my hair. I originally only wanted a trim but I figured since I was going I'd get a wash and flat iron and protein conditioner as well since I haven't had my natural hair done professionally since last year. My hair feels amazing afterwards. Overall the service was a bit pricey but no more pricey than other natural stylist I've been to or have asked for pricing for similar services. I didn't have the anxiety of getting heat damage associated with when I get a Dominican blowout. I'll definitely be back when I want to treat myself.
Tamela is amazing. She straighten my natural and clip the ends and it was gorgeous. Before, she do anything with your hair she gives a consultation wh...ich is fantastic. Also, when clipping my ends, she did not chop off a lot but just enough.
I found Tamela when I was searching for a natural hair salon. Although she does not do natural hair exclusively she is very knowledgable about all hai...r types. The end results of my wash, trim and flat iron was fabulous. I would recommend her; call before you go her location has changed from what is mentioned in Yelp. I was a little disappointed by the ambiance of the salon she rents a booth at. After a long day at work I like my hair appointment to be a " relaxing experience". The salon was a bright pink, loud music, and there was also a barber section, which I'm not usually a fan of. If environment is not a big deal, but just great hair care, give Tamela a call
I went to tamela on saturday i made a last minute call and got an appointment. She is absolutely pleasant and wonderful. I am a cosmetologist and dont... allow anyone to touch my hair... however I wanted a treat and getting it done by someone else after 20+ years was it. She gave me a consultation, asked all the pertinent questions, was pleasureable kind and gave me the personal treatment I love. My hair was so damaged and she gave me treatments galore to bring it where it needs to be. Tamela is a professional that knows all about hair and customer service. I will be going to her every 2 weeks from now on.... so glad to have found her..... btw her specialty is having her clients growing their natural hair, so all those uneven and broken ends and edges will be healed with her light caring touch.... everything i ever wanted in a stylist is TAMELA.... thank you Ms. Lady Tamela... see you in 2 weeks! xo
This is my daughter's first time coming to Tamela. We are from Dallas. My daughters hair had been braided for 2 months. Her hair needed immediate atte...ntion. I called on Thursday and Tamela was able to fit her in on Saturday. She gave my daughter a protein treatment and trim. Her hair looks like a million dollars! Tamela is professional and sweet. I would highly recommend Tamela.
Tamela is the absolute best! First off, I had a first time appt with her to get a press and trim on the night of NY's freakish blizzard/sleet/rain sto...rm 2 days ago. She didn't cancel on me, she came out for me without hesitation, when no one probably should have been outside. She was so sweet, friendly and funny the moment we met. She took her time and asked me about the history of my hair, assessed my hair and asked where I want my hair to be. I'm a natural gal for the last 5 yrs and she was sooooo knowledgable about hair and you can see she loves her profession. She explained things to me that I did not know and also gave me some wonderful hair tips. My hair was definitely not easy to comb out as I have very thick hair( even though she said it wasn't bad at all, still think she was being nice, lol) but she was patient and handled my hair with the utmost care. She was thorough but fast and my hair turned out so soft and beautiful. I absolutely loved it, will definitely be going back again and would recommend her to everyone.
I got my hair cut and styled by Tamera October 2013. Finding the place was a little challenging at first because I didn't realize she rents space in a... studio that doesn't have the name of her company on the outside, but she was very helpful with calling me and giving me directions. At the time I got my hair cut it was approximately 4 inches past my shoulders and in bad condition so she suggested I cut 4-5 inches off. I wanted my hair to fall right at my shoulders but it ended up being about chin length. She put a lot of layers in my hair which was fun but also difficult for me to figure out how to style. After it grew a little bit more and is now approximately at my shoulders and I have gotten it professionally style I love it! It is such a beautiful cut and the perfect cut for me.
I've lived in the area for a 1 year and 1/2 and have yet to find a great hair stylist. I've searched online and looked at tons of places and still no ...luck...until I found Tamela! I recently went natural and wanted to find someone who specialized in natural hair and found what I was looking for. Tamela gave me a great consultation and I left the salon with shiny healthy hair.
I purchased a voucher for Salon Services with Tamela's Naturally Healthy and Beautiful last year. I did not use it until very recently, and was so ple...ased with Tamela and how she treated my hair, that I am compelled to post a glowing review here on Yelp. With so many choices here in Harlem to get my hair done, I took a chance on someone I did not know and I am ever grateful that I did. What I love about Tamela is her passion for hair -- cutting, styling and taking care of your hair. She is not judgmental, she is patient, and she is a professional. My hair has been going through some major changes of late and I really needed some help. It was almost as if from the moment I first sat down I knew she would do a great job. I LOVE my hair now! It is so shiny and healthy! And Tamela is my new stylist and friend. I couldn't be more happier.
I am not sure why Tamela doesn't have more reviews. I went to see her for the first time the evening before Hurricane Sandy struck. Bad timing. Howeve...r she was super accommodating, she takes Sunday appointments. We were the only ones in the shop, which was perfect. I can't take lots of commotion when I am getting my hair done. I also don't like random people commenting on my hair. On to the review. My hair is natural. I went in for a press and a trim. Now my hair had been trimmed in August, but clearly not enough. Tamela explained what she planned to do, asked me about my medical history, my hair history, and really assessed the condition of my hair. She knows her stuff. I was super impressed and felt comfortable letting her do her thing. She took off about an inch to an inch and a half but also layered my hair so it didn't appear much shorter. I liked that she asked me if I was comfortable with what she was doing, some stylist just go at it and hope you don't complain after the fact. She didn't use an overabundance of heat. The flat iron wasn't passed over my hair numerous times. She simple straightened and styled simultaneously using just a flat iron. I have NEVER had any stylist do this ever. She made sure she took the necessary precautions so my hair wouldn't revert as soon as I walked out the door. (It was really humid that day.) It was more than I had planned to pay but it was worth it. I was really happy. Almost three months later I haven't experienced any significant damage. I would definitely see here again. She is a skilled professional and I highly recommend you seek her out.
I am officially in love!!!!! She is everything you look for in a stylist: * Passionate about healthy hair * Super warm and fun * Quick * Listens to yo...ur requests * Great location Gave me a protein treatment leaving my hair super silky, gave me a trim (didn't cut all my hair off like some other salons), gave me the cutest style ever. She is now my offcial stylist!!!!!!!!!!