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Are you sick of razer blade nicks and messy DIY waxing kits that get all over your bathroom tile? Professional waxing lasts three to six weeks--compared to shaving’s one to three days. With professional waxing, you can save yourself time, mess, and trouble. Waxing allows you to spend more time doing the things you love - whether playing volleyball on sunny Kissimmee beaches or simply wearing dresses, shorts, and sleeveless tops without worrying about unwanted hair. Book an appointment for waxing in Kissimmee, Fl. today and ditch that razer. What Do I Need to Know Before Scheduling My Waxing Appointment? Waxing pros probably have the following rules memorized, but newbies should take care to read the following carefully to have a successful waxing appointment: The hair to be removed measure must measure at least ¼ so that the wax will be able to grab onto it. This means letting the hair grow for at least two weeks before the appointment. Clients should avoid alcohol and stimulants such as caffeine on the day of the appointment, as they can make hair removal more difficult and painful. Clients should not use AHAs or retinoids for seven to ten days before an appointment to avoid complications. Some redness and inflammation post-procedure is perfectly normal. This usually subsides after 24 hours and can be treated with cold showers and cold compresses. How Long is an Appointment for Waxing? A waxing appointment generally lasts 30-45 minutes, depending on the amount of hair to removed. Clients should expect to spend a shorter time for smaller areas, such as the face, and a longer time for large areas like the back and legs. How Much Does Waxing Cost in Kissimmee? In Kissimmee, Fl., the cost of a waxing procedure depends on the size of the area for hair removal. Clients pay more for larger areas, though some providers offer package deals that combine multiple locations. Clients in Kissimmee can expect to pay around $299 for full body removal, $55 for a large area (such as legs or back), $35 for a mid-sized area (such as the stomach), and $15 for a small area (such as underarms). How Can I Book an Appointment for a Waxing in Kissimmee? Are you ready finally overcome the cycle or shaving and ditch those messy DIY hair removal waxes and creams? Take a look at the listings above for the most popular waxing technicians in Kissimmee, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today.