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In sunny Kissimmee, residents shouldn’t have to worry about covering up razor burn or unshaven hair in the hot weather. With laser hair removal, hair removal can be permanent and worry-free after a handful of short appointments. Life is short -- why waste it shaving your legs? In Kissimmee, Fl., skilled estheticians can ensure that your desired location stays hair free, keeping you bathing suit-ready, no matter when the last time you shaved. Book an appointment in Kissimmee, Fl. for laser hair removal today and say goodbye to ingrown hair--for good! What Do I Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal? Laser hair removal is a permanent way to rid yourself of unwanted body and facial hair, though it does require maintenance if new hair follicles begin to grow. Technicians use a targeted laser to damage hair follicles and prevent them from growing. These follicles then fall out. The procedure lasts mere minutes for clients seeking hair removal in a small area. However, because all of your hair doesn’t grow in at the same time, multiple appointments are required to target hair at the right time in its growth. Estheticians recommend spacing these appointments 4-8 weeks apart. Laser hair removal might be more effective on clients with darker hair than skin, due to the way the laser targets hair follicles. But with recent advances in technology, technicians have a few tricks up their sleeves for those with darker skin and lighter hair, though it may cost more. Estheticians recommend scheduling a consultation for those who are unsure if laser hair removal can work for them. How Long is an Appointment at a Laser Hair Removal? For clients seeking to remove hair from small or medium areas, an appointment for laser hair removal in Kissimmee, Fl. typically takes around 15 minutes. Clients who choose to have laser hair removal performed on a large area should expect to spend 30 minutes to one hour. How Much Does a Laser Hair Removal Appointment Cost in Kissimmee? Laser hair removal in Kissimmee, Florida is priced by the size and location of the desired hair removal. Most estheticians in Kissimmee require a consultation to provide accurate pricing. But in general, expect to pay around $40 per session for small areas (such as areas on the face), $60 per session for medium areas (for example, armpits), and $150-200 per session for large areas (like legs or back). Keep in mind the laser hair removal requires at least six sessions for long term results. How Can I Book an Appointment for Laser Hair Removals in Kissimmee? If you’re ready to ditch razor burn and the hassle shaving or waxing, check out the above listings for the best laser hair removal technicians in Kissimmee, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today. Articles Pubic Hair Styles Summer Hair Removal Tips The Best Ways To Remove Pubic Hair