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One of the most memorable scenes in cinema is Steve Carell’s in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, getting his chest waxed and screaming obscenities as a relief from the pain. Perhaps your waxing appointment won’t be as dramatic, but if you have as much back hair as Steve had chest hair, you may want to take into account the below info for how to prepare. What is Back Waxing? Sure, shaving your own back can be done on your own time at home and, well, it doesn’t hurt as much. But many prefer back waxing due to the longer lasting effects. The procedure is done by a technician placing hot wax on the skin and using a strip to pull out the hair follicle. This is often a preferred method of hair removal as the wax pulls out the hair from the root vs. shaving off the top. How Long Does Back Waxing Take to Get Done? The length of the appointment depends on how much waxing you need to get done, however most take around 30 minutes - 1 hour. How Long Does Back Waxing Last? The results typically last up to six weeks before you would need your next appointment. How Much Does Back Waxing Cost? Back waxing costs vary depending on how much you’re wanting to wax off plus the caliber of salon, but prices typically range between $35 - $100. Where to Get a Back Waxing in Kissimmee Need help finding a top notch salon in Kissimmee with great customer reviews and highly experienced staff? Don’t overthink it—simply use Booksy to find the best health and beauty care professionals in your area. Return to the listings above or download our app to start booking the best today!