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Couple’s Massage in Kissimmee

There’s plenty for you and your partner to do in Kissimmee, from enjoying the fun at the parks or experiencing the sunny, beautiful outdoors. Whether you want to take a break from everyday life or find a calming, sensual getaway from a vacation in a nearby amusement park, a couples massage might be for you. All About Couples Massages in Kissimmee For a couples massage, both partners will receive a massage at the same time from separate massage therapists. You and your partner will be asked to remove all or most of your clothing, and will be provided with robes and towels by the spa. A couples massage may also include deep breathing exercises, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, and other relaxation methods to provide a calming and sensual experience for you and your partner. Types of Couples Massages in Kissimmee There are a variety of types of massage to choose from for a couples massage, including: Swedish massage Deep tissue massage Reflexology Thai massage Lomi lomi massage A couples massage may incorporate elements of different types of massage, and types of massage may vary depending on what you’re looking for and the masseuse’s expertise. How Long Does a Couples Massage Last? Most couples massage last between 50 minutes and 90 minutes. A couples massage may last longer depending on the type of massage, the masseuse or massage therapists, and whether a couples massage is part of a larger spa package. It is not uncommon to feel sore for a day or two after the massage, or you may feel relaxed immediately. How Much Does a Couples Massage Cost in Kissimmee? Couples massages tend to range between $60 and $180, or more. Prices may vary depending on the masseuses, the type of massage, and any add-on services or whether the massage is part of a spa package. How to Find a Couples Massage in Kissimmee Ready for a perfect evening of intimate relaxation in Kissimmee? Return to the listing above or download the free Booksy app to find a couples massage in Kissimmee today!