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Suffering from soreness after a particularly exhausting workout or needing a little boost in recovery after a sports injury? Did you know that deep tissue massages aren’t just for relaxation? Let one of Kissimmee’s sports massage therapists give you the best massage to get you back in the Florida sun, playing rugby, running along the shore, or simply moving with ease. What is A Sports Massage? Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage that works to relieve, soothe, and correct issues caused by regular, strenuous physical exercise. Your sports massage specialist will use deep, repetitive strokes along the affected muscles, like those in your shoulders, legs, and back to massage tension, pain, and cramp-prone spots away. Benefits of Sports Massage Increases flexibility Improves range of motion Releases tight muscles Your sports massage therapist may use techniques such as: Reflexology Myofascial manipulation Orthopedic knowledge and training How Long Does a Sports Massage Take? Most sports massages in Kissimmee are either 60 or 90 minutes long. How Much Does a Sports Massage Cost in Kissimmee Sports massages in your area are an average of $80 for one hour. The price of a 90 minute sports massage in Kissimmee starts around $130. Keep in mind that sports massage requires specialized training in more than one area and that knowledge will help you get back on your feet and better than ever. Where to Get a Sports Massage in Kissimmee Do you need help finding the best, most highly reviewed sports massage therapists near you? Scroll up to the listings above or download the Booksy app to start looking (and booking) your appointment today!