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Does the idea of pampering yourself with a full body massage sound like heaven? You’re in the right place! Body massage allows clients to loosen their tired muscles, relax their minds, and drift away into a Zen-like state while a massage therapist relieves their tension. Skilled massage therapists in Kissimmee have experience with a variety of massage styles to help you relieve muscle pain, sports injuries, stress, or simply treat yourself to something special. Book your body massage appointment with a top-rated Kissimmee Fl. massage therapist today! Relief is only a few clicks away. What are the Benefits of Body Massage? Body massage allows clients to relax while a massage therapist works out their knots and muscle tension. Regardless of the style of massage, your massage therapist will locate tense areas and use a variety of techniques to relieve that tension. Full body massage also supports clients suffering from the following: Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Insomnia and Sleeplessness Digestive Issues Fibromyalgia Pain Headaches and Migraines Injuries and Tissue Strains Myofascial pain syndrome Joint Pain If you suffer from pain from an injury or muscle, a sports massage, trigger point massage, or a deep tissue massage can help. If your ultimate goal is relaxation, try a Swedish massage, or a hot stone massage. For clients who like the idea of a relaxing massage, but don’t like the idea of removing their clothes, many asian-style massages are performed fully clothed, such as Shiatsu and Thai massage. How Long is an Appointment for a Body Massage? In Kissimmee, Fl., most massages are offered in varying intervals of time to suit clients’ needs. Most massage therapists recommend a 60-90 minute massage to allow time for the therapist to spend ample time on each area of tension in the body. How Much Does a Body Massage Cost in Kissimmee? In Kissimmee, Florida, the price of a body massage varies by time and complexity. A basic massage costs around $50/hour, while a massage that requires special training to perform can cost around $60-$100/hour in Kissimmee. How Do I Book an Appointment to for a Body Massage in Kissimmee? You’re only steps away from total body relaxation! Check out the listings above for the highest rated massage therapists in Kissimmee, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today!