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Eyelash Perm in Kissimmee

Whether you are looking to speed up your morning makeup routine, or are tired of limp, straight eyelashes; eyelash perming offers a great solution lasting four to six weeks. Eyelash perming is done at many local Kissimmee salons and esthetician spas and should only be performed by a licensed practitioner who has performed the service many times. In addition to eyelash perming, many savvy guests enjoy eyelash tinting and eyelash extensions which are two other options to add additional depth or darkness, and thickness to the lashes. The Eyelash Perming Service During the eyelash perm service, the provider will walk you to a private or semi-private area and will have you sit in a chair or a reclining treatment bed. After making sure you are comfortable, the technician may test the solution on your neck or behind your ear to see if you have any chemical sensitivities. They will then use protective cream or glue (don’t worry, it is skin-safe!) to help protect the delicate skin around the eye, keeping the perm solution from getting too close to the eye. The stylist will work with you to determine the best size of perm roller to use for the length of your lash and how much lift or curl you want. They will position the roller under your lash line, and will apply a perm solution to the eyelashes, saturating the hair around the perm rod. Allowing the solution to process for 15-20 minutes, will allow the disulfide bonds in the hair to be broken, so the new, curled and lifted shape can be locked in after rinsing the lashes and applying the activator which locks in the new lash shape. What to Expect & Booking in Kissimmee The eyelash perm service at Kissimmee spas and salons typically lasts around forty-five minutes, and guests usually return once every four to six weeks to maintain this eye-opening look. You can expect to pay around $50-80 for the service, and may consider doing eyebrow or eyelash color alternately to add depth and structure to the lash and brow line. People enjoy the dramatic and curled look eyelash perming achieves compared to the tight crimping and mixed results that eyelash curlers achieve. Booksy has many stylists and estheticians in Kissimmee who provide eyelash perming, microblading, eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, and many other advanced beauty and hair services to help you achieve your most glam and polished look today!