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Eyebrow Wax in Kissimmee

Thanks to celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Beyonce, eyebrows have been receiving a lot of attention lately. But let’s be honest guys, the last person who really pulled off a unibrow was Frida Kahlo. So regardless of whether or not you want a pair of popping, shapely brows, basic maintenance is also important. Luckily, Kissimmee has no shortage of specialist to help you achieve the look you want for your eyebrows. What Is Eyebrow Waxing? Eyebrow waxing involves using hot wax to get rid of stray hairs and/ or shape your eyebrows. Your beauty specialist will begin by cleaning your skin with a gentle cleanser and applying a thin layer of oil to protect your skin from the hot wax. They will then apply the wax above, below and/ or between your eyebrows. A few tugs later and your all done. It’s a relatively quick and painless procedure. Don’t be shy to tell your specialist exactly how you’d like your eyebrows to look. How Long Is an Eyebrow Waxing Session? Getting your eyebrows waxed usually takes around 15 minutes. How Long Does Eyebrow Waxing Last? You may see a few new hairs cropping up 2/ 3 days after getting your eyebrows waxed. You can tweeze the first few hairs, but if you want to keep everything ship shape, waxing is recommended every 3-4 weeks. How Much Does Eyebrow Waxing Cost in Kissimmee? Getting your eyebrows waxed in Kissimmee costs between $8 to $15. How to Find an Eyebrow Waxing Specialist in Kissimmee You don’t have to furrow your brow when it comes to finding the best eyebrow waxing specialists Kissimmee has to offer. Simply download the Booksy app or scroll through the listing above for loads reviews and recommendations. Articles Is Eyebrow Lamination Worth The Hype Henna For Eyelashes and Eyebrows The Rundown On Brow Threading The Best Ways To Get Long Lashes Eyebrow maintenance 101 Tips for Getting Thicker Brows Eyelash Loss: Is It A Serious Problem? 5 Reasons To Get Volume Lashes Right Now