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Eyelash Tinting in Kissimmee

Eyelash tinting is a popular way to add volume and thickness to otherwise light or thin eyelashes. It can help you simplify your makeup routine by adding depth to the lash line, so less mascara is needed for voluminous lashes! Many local Kissimmee salons that offer eyelash tinting also do eyelash perming, which can add lift and openness to the eyes. The Eyelash Tinting Service in Kissimmee During the eyelash tinting service, the stylist or esthetician will discuss the type of color they use. Many will give the guest a selection between black, brown, or even dark blonde tint, which can be a nice way to customize the eyelash tone color to flatter your complexion or natural hair color. Along with eyelash tinting, you can also have your eyebrows tinted. With the full arched brow look that is fashionable today, tinting the eye lashes jet black, and the eyebrows a flattering brown or dark brown tone on the brows can add a beautiful frame and striking dimension to your face. After determining the shade of the tint, your stylist may ask you to do a swatch of the color on your inner arm or behind your ear to see if you have any allergy or sensitivity to the color. If you have particularly sensitive skin, eye conditions, or are pregnant, you’ll want to hold off on eyelash tinting for the time being. During the service, the stylist will place cotton or protective tape below and above the lash line. They will then gently sweep the color through the eyelashes using a small tint brush or spooled brush similar to a mascara wand. Your eyes will be closed during most of the service, as the tint will need between 10-20 minutes to fully process. You’ll want to remain relaxed and may consider bringing headphones to keep yourself occupied during the service. Many full-service salons can also do accompanying brow waxing and coloring; facial waxing; and nail services to round out a perfect pampering day. Browse Booksy’s listings of estheticians and stylists who provide eyelash tinting at Kissimmee salons and book your appointment today!