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Wyandotte County, KS

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    Kurly Kittys

    Parallel Pkwy, 7708, Kansas City, 66112

    Faux locs/ Goddess locs

    commitment-free dreads, hair is parted into desired part shape & size, braided into singles After figuring out why style of faux locs you want (regular, crochet, distressed goddess, butterfly, & bohemian faux locs? ) the hair is wrapped around braid to desired thickness & length

    Box braids

    Hair is parted in to boxs or desired shape & size then the braiding hair is separated and attached by knot at root used to tightly secure the braid to your hair,

    Knotless Box Braids

    Using your own hair to start the braid and gradually feeding in the braiding hair as i move along knotless box braid have a more natural look then regular box braids due to them not start w a knot To determine price I need to know 1. Length? 2. Part Size? 3. Size of braids