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With the average annual temperatures in Orlando nearing 71 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s no surprise that plenty of men choose to undergo a little manscaping in light of this central Florida city’s seemingly eternal summer. Waxing is no longer only considered a beauty treatment that is exclusive to women, athletes, or bodybuilders. These days, getting a wax is a pretty common endeavor among men—and having this simple grooming procedure done has plenty of benefits, including ultra-smooth skin! So where can I find a salon that offers men’s waxing near me? Scheduling an appointment to your desired salon has never been easier! Booksy is a free platform that allows you to book health and beauty services in your area within minutes. Use our search engine to explore businesses that provide men’s waxing services, choose the one that suits your needs best, and book! What is a men’s wax and how is it done? Waxing is the process of removing body hair through the use of a depilatory wax. Typically, waxing is considered to be a semi-permanent method of hair removal–it can take anywhere from three to eight weeks for new hair to grow back. This process is quite different from shaving because it pulls the hair from the root, as opposed to merely trimming the surface of the hair, which in the end results in a longer lasting outcome. There are two main types of waxing methods that are customarily used in salons around the country: soft wax and hard wax. Both of these approaches require warming a wax mixture that is then applied to the skin and removed, along with the hair, once cooled. The difference being that soft wax uses paper, muslin, or non-woven strips which are placed directly on top of the wax, whereas hard wax can be peeled off on its own, sans paper. The procedure for both of these methods looks more or less the same. First, your technician will cleanse the area and apply the wax to a section of hair. Then, depending on whether hard or soft wax is being used, a strip will be applied on top of the wax then pulled off or the wax will be pulled off on its own. Finally, as a last step, the waxer will apply a lotion or cream to calm any post-wax irritation. How do I prepare for the appointment? Waxing does require some minimal preparation beforehand, so it’s crucial to remember a few helpful guidelines before you arrive to the salon. Most importantly, the hair on the area you’d like waxed should be about a quarter of an inch in length—this allows the wax to get an easier grip on the hair and ensures that it’ll be pulled from the root. Additionally, avoid exfoliating, using lotions, and sunbathing prior to your appointment, as these things can cause irritation or hypersensitivity of the skin. How do I choose the best men’s waxing service in Orlando? Booksy can help you with choosing the best men’s waxing service in Orlando! Use the convenient Booksy app or our web version on your browser to search businesses in your area that offer men’s waxes. From there, you can sort the search engine’s results to see the top reviewed salons and spas with this service and book the one you like best. How much do men’s waxing services cost? Men’s waxing services can range in price depending on the salon chosen and the area of the body that will be treated. The most popular areas for a men’s wax include the back, shoulders, chest, midsection, arms, legs, feet, and the groin area. Use Booksy to search for men’s waxing services in Orlando and easily check the pricing of each merchant’s specific waxing procedures. Men’s waxing near me Is it difficult to find men’s waxing near me? Quite the opposite—it’s quick and easy to find a salon in Orlando that offers men’s waxing services when you’re scheduling with Booksy. Using the search bar select your current location, the service you’re looking for, and your preferred appointment date and time. From there, you can use our sort and filter features while you browse through salons near you and book your favorite.