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Has your hair thinned with age, leaving you with limp locks that no amount of blow-drying can make fuller? Or maybe you suffer from bald spots due to a medical condition or medication? Don’t lose hope. Hair care specialists in Kissimmee have a number of tricks up their sleeves to give you the thick hair you want. Whether you decide to go for natural-looking hair extensions, hair restoration scalp treatments, or even a hair transplant, a skilled Kissimmee professional can guide you through each step of the process. Don’t settle for thin hair when the thick hair you want is only an appointment away. Book your appointment for hair thickening with an experienced Kissimmee Fl. hair specialist today! How Can I Get Thick Hair? Thinning hair can result from aging, hormones, medical conditions, medications, or even diet. Hair typically grows about a half-inch per month, so regrowing hair after a period of hair loss can be a long undertaking. Some bald spots mean that follicles have died -- in which case, no regrowth will be possible without intervention. Some options for hair thickening include: Hair Extensions: Extensions, when properly maintained, can last for six months. With many application techniques, the extensions can be reapplied after they have naturally separated from the strand, making them a long term solution for those who want long, thick locks. Hair Restoration Treatments: Hair loss centers provide non-surgical injections to stimulate hair regrowth. These treatments typically take longer than hair extensions to apply and a consultation is required prior to treatment to determine if the process will work for you. Hair Transplants: In this surgical procedure, hair follicles are transferred from another location on the body and implanted into the areas of hair loss. This hair will then grow naturally, though a follow-up appointment may be required. How Long is an Appointment for Thick Hair? In Kissimmee, Fl., the length of an appointment to thicken hair depends on the method. Hair restoration treatments can take about 90 minutes, while hair transplants can take 6-8 hours. Hair extensions take only about 30-60 minutes to apply, but do require some maintenance. How Much Does Getting Thick Hair Cost in Kissimmee? In Kissimmee, Florida, hair extensions cost $100-$175 per hour plus the cost of hair. Hair restoration treatments typically cost around $1000, and hair transplants cost $8000 on average, depending on the extent of hair loss. How Do I Book an Appointment to Get Thick Hair in Kissimmee? Ready for more volume? Check out the listings above for the best hair care specialists in Kissimmee, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today!