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Ombré is a fancy term for gradient hair color that fades from darker roots to lighter ends. It can come in all shades, tones, and levels of intensity—everything from dramatic black roots melding into bright red ends, to subtle chocolate and honey tones adding subtle warmth—ombré is a great way to use hair color to change up your hairstyle! Ombré hair is actually more of an aesthetic, or look, rather than a type of hair coloring technique. It can be achieved through a method called balayage—a French term meaning to paint, where the stylist blends in organic ribbons of lightener through the hair to add depth. Ombre can also be achieved through more traditional highlighting techniques or color melding. Depending on your current hair color, and how much contrast you’d like to see in the ombré, your stylist will tailor their approach to match. Dramatic dip-dyed ombré featuring pastel shades like lavender, peach, and dusty rose are one way fashionable Kissimmee salon guests are playing with punkier shades, but the combinations are endless. And, because ombré tends to include a darker, more natural base color at the root, it can actually be very low maintenance to keep up with most guests getting their ombré color touched up just two to three times per year. Guests can expect to pay anywhere from $100-250 for ombré hair color depending on the length and thickness of their hair, the amount of color, and technique used. Browse our listings above for Kissimmee hair stylists skilled in ombré hair color looks. However, if you see a Booksy stylist you want to book with, but don’t see ombré on the menu, don’t fear—you can usually book a foil, balayage, or creative color and describe ombré look you want to achieve, and your stylist will determine the best technique to use.