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Getting a perm in Kissimmee is a great way to get Florida’s humidity to work for you. By perming otherwise flat, limp locks, perming can add body, curl, and definition to your hair. Modern perms are available in a range of styles, and depending on how large a wave, or tight of a curl you desire, your stylist can tailor their approach to help you achieve your look. Perms, also called “permanent waves” or a “permanent” is a chemical treatment where formerly straight hair is restructured into a curl pattern. The stylist achieves the curl through the perm process by first putting all of the hair in rollers. The stylist will work with you to determine the size of curl you would like to achieve, and assess the texture of your hair and how well it will hold curl in order to determine the size of the perm rod and strength of permanent wave solution to be used. After the process of putting the hair into rollers is complete, the stylist will saturate the already wet hair with a perm solution which breaks down the protein bonds in the hair. This is often left on the hair for up to 30 minutes, and afterwards, the perm is rinsed with cool water, and a rebonding solution is put on the hair. This rebonding solution solidifies the hair into the permed shape, and restrengthens the protein bonds, ensuring the permanence of the wave pattern. Perms in Kissimmee can range from $50-120 depending on the salon and products used, and your stylist will discuss aftercare of the perm, which usually involves refraining from washing the hair for a day or two to ensure the perm and solution have time to set and the curl is not softened in the first days. You may also consider scheduling a conditioning treatment, or taking home product that will help add shine and define the new curl. Depending on how fast your hair grows, or your level of comfort with grow out of straight hair at the root, your stylist will encourage you to come back in approximately 3-6 months for a retouch of the perm. Review our listings above for stylists skilled in contemporary perming techniques, and schedule today!