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Makeup Artists for Your Orlando Wedding

When it comes to tying the knot, Orlando is a hot travel spot for that romantic, special occasion in a couple's life. If you're planning your big day at a wedding venue in Orlando, it's imperative to stay on top of the game and book your hair-care and makeup needs in advance, so they can familiarize themselves and prepare for your desired bridal looks. What Services Do Wedding Makeup Artists Provide? Generally, for weddings, a makeup artist will provide solely makeup packages, from your basic foundation and powder to the facial contouring and extended eyelashes you have envisioned since childhood. So be sure to book a hair stylist in addition to a makeup artist if they don’t offer a joint service package! To get the most of the makeup services for your wedding, you should send your wedding makeup artist as many examples and comments beforehand as possible, to ensure they know what kind of look you what and can better live up to the image you have in mind. How Much Does a Wedding Makeup Artist in Orlando Cost? Depending on the number of people in your wedding party they need to see, the distance they must travel, and the extent of the services they offer, a wedding makeup artist might charge you around $250+ per hour or day, though some artists being willing to meet you on location for a greater cost. Many variables do affect this figure, so it’s always best to consult with the makeup artist before booking the appointment. Be sure to test out makeup artists for your big day ahead of time and try out some of the local talent before committing to one. Where Do You Book a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding? Thankfully, you can find a wedding makeup artist and more whenever you might need one—all on Booksy. Simply return to the listings above to explore your makeup artist options for your Orlando wedding, and you can make your appointment in a single visit.