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If you want to dye your hair or add highlights, you do not have to endure a head full of foil. Balayage specialists paint the highlights creating a glowing hairstyle with a natural look. Despite being a meticulous painting process, the highlights are low maintenance. If you want to get your balayage highlights in London, you can find plenty of salons offering the service through Booksy. Book a Balayage Appointment Online in London Balayage is a unique technique that requires a specialist to bring out the highlights. You can book your balayage appointment online through Booksy. If you are not sure which beauty salon offers the service, you can search through our selection of merchants. Our search engine allows you to search based on your location, price and type of services, which speeds up your booking process. If you can’t find your preferred balayage specialists, use the ratings or read the testimonials available on our website to help you decide. You can also book your balayage appointment directly from our mobile app. Not Sure What a Balayage Specialist Does? Balayage is not a colour but an application technique that creates fabulous surfer hair. A balayage specialist uses a brush and a blend of colours to create a naturally lightened look, which is usually bright around the face with light ends and blended roots. Before the hair specialist starts painting, they do an extensive consultation on the highlights you want and your preferred colours. The balayage specialist then divides your hair into sections, picks the sections requiring lighteners and leaves some sections that will not require dyeing. You can expect more lightener on hairs that frame your face and towards the ends. To achieve this, the hair specialist paints the hair strands vertically using a brush. A cotton strip is often placed between the hair strands and sections to avoid spotting. Finally, the specialist applies the highlights until your hair acquires a dimensional and blended appearance. While balayage creates exotic highlights, it doesn’t work for all hair types, and sometimes the hairstylists have to combine it with other techniques to achieve the desired results. Most hair lengths are perfect for balayage except pixie cut since you won't have enough hair for creating seamless highlights. How to Choose the Best Balayage Specialist in London A creative balayage specialist can achieve perfect highlights that blend with your hair and enhance your overall look. With the popularity of balayage, you will find numerous beauty salons offering balayage in London. How do you identify the best balayage specialist from the crowd? That is where Booksy comes in; our platform provides a list of salons with balayage services and their prices. You can use the search engine to identify the best balayage nearby and book an appointment. The Booksy app also allows you to read reviews and save the balayage specialists you want to try out in the future. How Much Does a Balayage Specialist Cost? The cost of balayage highlights depends on the credentials of the specialists and the type of hair. Besides, you have to consider the touch-ups appointments to build up the colour. If it is your first-time to get a balayage, you will pay more due to the process involved. You also need three visits after the first highlights to build up colour since the hair specialists cannot lighten the hair in one appointment. If you want to find out the rates of merchants at Booksy, open their pages. All our merchants specify the prices of each service to ensure you have adequate information before booking an appointment. How to Find Balayage Specialists Open Now When you want a quick balayage appointment, use Booksy to find specialists available at your preferred time. You can check the opening hours or use the search engine to filter all the balayage specialists available at a particular time. Cheap Balayage Specialist in London Balayage can be an expensive process, especially for first-timers. However, since service providers charge different rates, you can find cheaper salons. When looking for balayage specialists, specify your budget, and the results displayed will feature merchants within your price range. Balayage Specialist Near You Looking for balayage near you is super easy using the Booksy app. Once you activate your location, the search results will display specialists within your proximity. You can also use the map view for better searching.