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If you’re stressing out because you have an important date coming up, or maybe it’s the other way round and you’re going on a relaxing vacation, having well done nails is surely on the list. Available in tons of different colours, shapes, and lengths, nails can be not only a pretty addition to your look, but even a fashion statement. So if you’re looking for nail places in London, you’ve come to the right website. Is it late at night and you just remembered that you forgot to book an appointment for a manicure? With Booksy, you won’t have to wait for the next day to call to sign up. All you’ll have to do is open your web browser and search for Booksy on your computer, or open the Booksy app on your mobile phone. The Booksy app is available for free for both Android and iOS.  Here’s a bit about how Booksy works– After you have Booksy open in your web browser or on your phone, you’ll see a search bar at the top of the screen. There you have to fill out two things–your location and what service you are looking for. In this case, you’ll type in nail salons in London. When you hit search, Booksy will present you with a list of beauty salons offering nail services in your area.  An overview of nail services If you’re a naturalist and prefer to keep your nails the way they are, you might want to opt for a basic manicure. A beautician will ten to your nails with some trimming and shaping, and use some moisturizing products. If you want a spa-like experience, you can also get a hand massage during this service. For those who like their nails to look their absolute best at any time, a shellac manicure may be the answer. In this case, a manicurist will use shellac, a type of polish-gel, to cover your nails. The big upside to this type of manicure is how long it can last. With proper care, your nails can remain good-looking for up to 14 days! Finally, if you want your nails to make a fashion statement, acrylics may be the best option for you. This type of manicure will allow the beautician to shape your nails any way you like, from coffin, through square, to a classic almond. You can also get any length you want, from short to mischievously long. The perk of this type of manicure is definitely the nail art that goes along. With it, there is no design that’s impossible. Various colours, patterns, effects, or rhinestones, you can truly make your nails stand out. Finding the right nail salon for you We completely understand if you’re hesitant to book an appointment to a nail salon you’ve never been to before. But hear us out, we have something that’ll put your mind at ease. When you use Booksy, you can sort the listed salons in two ways–by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” Thanks to our awesome clients, you’ll be able to read real reviews and see ratings of those who have already visited the salon. Oftentimes, clients, and even nail salons, will post pictures, allowing you to verify if this is the style you want to go for. How can I find nail salons open now? When searching for that perfect spot, you’ll type in your location and service you’re looking for. After doing that, you’ll be able to choose what date, or dates, you want to book an appointment for. That way when the results pop up, it will only show you nail salons open on those dates. Additionally, when booking your appointment, you’ll be able to choose a time slot (in the morning, afternoon, or evening) that will suit you best. Moreover, if you want to know from what hour a salon is open, you can move to the right side of the screen and see their hours of operation. How can I find a nail salon near me? Over are the days when you have to open several new tabs while looking for a “nail bar near me.” Thanks to Booksy, you have everything in one place! To find a salon with the best location for you, open the “Map View” that you’ll see on the result list. There, you’ll have all the nail bars shown on the map and you’ll easily be able to choose the one with the most convenient location.