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Choosing the right hair salon is not one of the easiest tasks. Choosing among the right hairdressers in London may prove to be quite a hard ordeal. As diverse as the city itself, hairdressers can have distinctive styles and specialize in different areas. Thankfully, in this day and age we have technology that can help make our lives easier. In the hunt for the best hair stylist, Booksy is here to help you out! Can I book an appointment online? Indeed you can! Booksy is a remarkable platform where you can easily book an appointment with hairdressers in London. No matter if you’re more of a computer person, or more used to doing everything on your mobile phone, Booksy has got you covered! You can either visit our Booksy website or download the Booksy app. The Booksy app is available for free for both Android and iOS operated phones. So you’ve got Booksy in front of you, what next? See the search bar at the top of the screen? Type in your current location and the service you are interested in. In this case, you would type in “hair salons” in “London.” Hit search and have our tool go to work! You’ll be presented with a list that will have hundreds of results! Isn’t that cool?! What services can I get? With the abundance of hairdressers in London, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can get anything you can dream of, a classic inch of the ends, or a crazy new hair colour. The great thing on Booksy is that oftentimes hair salons will post pictures of their work. Based on those you’ll be able to see their specialties. After all, you may prefer to get a pixie cut at one hair salon, and a balayage at another. How can I choose the best hair stylist in London? Here we have to tip our hats to our amazing users! After an appointment, they can leave a rating and review for the hair salon. That allows others to read up about the user’s experience and help choose the best spot. With that in mind, once you see the list of salons near you, there are two ways you can sort those results–by “Recommended by Booksy” and by “Top Reviewed.” You won’t have to risk going to a random place, you’ll have reviews and ratings to back up your decision. Ok, but what about prices? With the wide variety of services available at hair salons, there is of course no one specific price tag we can present you with. However, the convenient thing about Booksy is that you will always know the cost of the service you’re interested in. Once you open the salon’s profile, you’ll see a list of services they perform. Next to them will be their prices. So no more unpleasant surprises! How can I find hair salons open now?  So going back to the search bar! Once you’ve filled in the location and service information, you’ll also be able to type in what dates would be good for you. Therefore, the results that you’ll see will be shown based on availability on those dates! Next, once you’ve found the service you want to book, a schedule will pop up. There, you’ll be able to choose a time slot (morning, afternoon, or evening based) most convenient for you. Additionally, if you want to know the operating hours of a hair salon, all you have to do is open their profile, and on the right side you’ll see their business hours. We really want to make it as easy as possible! How can I find a hair salon near me? Whether you’re new to London, or are just not the best at remembering street names, we come to the rescue! For many, time is really of the essence and taking an hour to get to a hairdresser will simply not do. To help you find a salon located in a spot that will be convenient for you, we’ve created a really cool feature.  After you’ve typed in all the information into the search engine and hit (or tapped of course) search, you’ll see the list of results. One other thing that you’ll see will be the so-called “Map View.” This feature will allow you to see where exactly on the map each hair salon is located. So whether you’ll be looking for one close to home, to work, or simply next to a subway stop, we’ve got you covered