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Whether you’re looking for a business that you can visit for a rejuvenating facial treatment or a salon where you can get a wax to achieve silky, smooth skin—you’ll likely find it all at a local beauty salon! And if you just so happen to be based in London, you certainly won’t be disappointed at your range of options. However, it is the largest city in the United Kingdom, and with businesses bustling on every corner of the street, it could seem difficult to narrow down your options of the best beauty salons in London. Here’s where Booksy comes in, the top online appointment scheduling application for health, beauty, and wellness services, where you’ll be able to easily find and book an appointment with a beautician in London. What is a beauty salon and what types of services are offered? A beauty salon is a type of business that offers a wide range of various cosmetic treatments that pertain to the face, hair, and body. Not all salons will include the same sorts of services; certain salons may offer a selection of general beauty treatments whereas other salons may focus on a few particular services. However, if you’re interested in scheduling a visit to a beauty salon in London, you’ll want to read up on some of the most common services that are offered, which we’ve listed below for your convenience! HAIR SERVICES One of the most frequented services at beauty salons across the country are treatments that have to do with the hair. These types of services can include haircuts, hair styling, hair colouring, perms, hair extensions, or even specialty hair treatments such as keratin for the hair. HAIR REMOVAL SERVICES Aside from all the services that pertain to hairstyling, many beauty salons also provide treatments that have to do with hair removal. From body waxing to eyebrow threading, there are many options to choose from if you want to remove unwanted or unruly hair. NAIL TREATMENTS If you fancy a manicure or pedicure, you’ll likely find these types of services (and more) at your local beauty salon. You can go for a standard manicure to freshen up your nails with a glossy coat of varnish or step it up a notch with a set of acrylic nails that’ll add length and dimension. SKIN TREATMENTS The best way to restore the state of your skin would be by booking a skin treatment! Beauty salons typically offer a selection of skin-focused treatments which can include services such as peels, facials, and microdermabrasion, just to name a few. How do I choose the best beauty salon in London? Selecting the best beauty salon in London is now made effortless with Booksy. To view the top options of beauty salons in your area, you can start out with a search using the Booksy search engine—fill out the three fields with your info and watch your results appear below! From there, you can click on any business of interest to you and read their client reviews to check out what others are saying. Or there’s always the option of using the “Sort by” button to arrange your results by the top picks. How do I find beauty salons open now? By using Booksy, you can find currently open beauty salons in your area, with ease! Finding the currently open ones will start with a Booksy search that will require you to complete the search fields. Our advice here is to select a time frame that is nearest the current date and time so that our search engine knows to only provide you with the business listings of beauty salons open now. Beauty salon near me Are you on the hunt for a beauty salon in London? Our platform will help you in locating the ones nearest you! If you haven’t begun a search using the Booksy search engine yet, you’ll want to do so as the first step. After you’re done with that, you can browse through any of the available listings—but because London is such a big city, we’ve implemented our helpful “Filters and Localization” button, which you can click to narrow down your options based on different areas of your city. There’s also always the option of using our “Map View” button to identify which salons are closest to you on a map.