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Barbers in Birmingham

Birmingham is known for its long list of barber shops. Finding the perfect spot for you may prove a bit more difficult than you would think. Even if you were born and raised in Birmingham, there still might be many places you’ve never heard about. So whether you need to get a quick trim somewhere on the go, or are looking for a full-on grooming experience, Booksy has got you covered! Visit Booksy to find the best barber shop in Birmingham!

Can I book a barber appointment online in Birmingham? And if so, how can I do it?

Of course you can! Thanks to Booksy, you can easily find the perfect barber shop and book an appointment online. The steps are effortless and the results are conveniently accessible. First, visit the Booksy website or open the Booksy app. The Booksy app is available for free, for both Android and iOS users. Once you’ve got Booksy open, simply fill in our search engine your location and what type of service you’re looking for. In this case, you would be looking for a barber shop in Birmingham. After you click (or tap of course) the search button, a list of dozens of barber shops near you will pop up. From there on the process is as easy as ever. After choosing your barber shop and service, a schedule will pop up. There you will be able to see what dates and times are available. So whether you’ll want to get a morning shave or get a nice evening haircut, the options will be shown.

What services can I book at a barber shop?

Barbers differ from hair salons in their target clientele. Barber shops, in the most part, cater to men. Their go-to services revolve around haircuts and facial hair grooming. Many barber shops also provide their customers with an entire experience, from a cool, masculine interior design, to an atmosphere of brotherhood and relaxation. Some of their most common services include:

Skin fades

The skin fades have been among the most popular haircuts of the last few years. Worn by celebrities, athletes, musicians, the fade style has become all the craze. The skin fade is essentially very short hair in the back and on the sides. The fade can have different heights and finish off with various styles and lengths at the top. Moreover, the skin fade style has many variations depending on the place the fade begins, so it can be high, medium, or low. 

Beard grooming

Many men decide on grooming their beards at home. That is one option. The other option is to visit a nice barber shop and spend time relaxing on the chair, letting the professionals do their magic. Beard grooming can be more simple and can come down to just a little trim, or it can become a spa-like experience. Barber shops can offer various add-ons to beard trimming, such as a nice shampooing, a hot towel on the face, and moisturizing the beard with a conditioner or special oil. During that time you can feel pampered and just focus on relaxing and letting go of everyday worries. 

How can I choose the best barber in Birmingham?

Booksy is at your service! With millions of amazing clients, Booksy features tons of ratings and reviews. You can read through comments left by customers and often even view pictures of the barber shop’s work. But to begin with, you’ll want to fill in the search engine your location and desired service. Once you see the results, you can effortlessly choose to sort them by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” This can allow you to make a fully informed decision about where you’ll want to get that new haircut.

How can I find barber shops open now?

Yet another task that Booksy makes painless! Once you choose a shop from the results list, you’ll see the barber shop's profile. There, you can quickly check out their operating hours. Ta da! Wasn’t that fast!

How can I find a barber near me?

After hitting the search button, a list of service providers, in this case barber shops, will appear. From there, all you need to do is open the “Map View.” This feature allows you to see where exactly on the map are the barber shops that you are interested in