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If you wish to have your hair look good, you may consider having braids. They give a perfect look while being easy to maintain. You can get quality box braids in London and have them set up by professional hair stylists in the city. You will find these salons across the city and the service at different prices. It is hard to know which is the best salon by just walking in. However, Booksy makes this task a lot easier by providing a list of salons that offer box braids along with other services and their prices. Read on to learn how to use the platform to book your next box braids service if you live in London. Book Box Braids Appointment Online in London You can just walk into a salon and have your box braids done. Unfortunately, you may have to wait for those in line to be served. This may take up your time. A way around it is to use it to book services online. However, many of them do not have websites where one can book the service. This is where Booksy comes in. It provides a platform where you can book the services wherever you are via its website. This platform covers virtually every salon in town that offers box braids. It also lists other services offered by these salons related to hair styling. This way, users can choose the box braids or pick any other service that they need. Some salons offer a full package that includes various services, or a few related to putting on box braids. Booksy is available on all devices, including mobile phones and computers. Mobile users can also use apps available on Android and Apple devices to access the platform and all the features contained therein. Visit the site today and check out the features that you can use for your next appointment. Not Sure What a Box Braided Salon Does? A box braid salon offers hair styling services with these types of additions. Box braids are the hottest trend in town, thanks to their carefree look, versatility and ability to work with various face shapes. These salons offer a variety of box braid styles, including jumbo, long, knotless, beaded and medium size box braids. There is also a half-up, half-down hairdo, short jumbo box braids, and blonde types. When putting these braids on a customer’s head, these salons first clean and style the natural hair. The process could include shampooing, applying hair creams, using a hot iron and drying the hair. Then, they attach the artificial braids to the natural hair. These braids may come in different colours depending on the user's preferences. Some of the braiding services may also include trimming the hair, removing the facial hair, conditioning the braids and retouching the hair where customers had the braids done earlier. The hairstylist may help in choosing the right type, size and colour of braids depending on your needs. How to Choose the Best Box Braids Salon in London? As explained above, there are several salons that offer the service, spread across London. Getting to know the best may be a difficult task if you have several options at hand. Booksy deals with the problem by listing providers and giving them ratings based on the feedback offered by customers. Our reviews are authentic as they come from customers who have had box braids from the hair stylists that they are reviewing. To join the platform, you have to create a profile to enable you to book services with ease. Then, you can rate the service after you get served. Therefore, the service provider cannot influence the final rating or feedback that is posted on their profile. Many of the hair stylists and salons on the platform have good ratings. How Much Does Box Braids Salon Cost? The cost of box braids is dependent on the salon that offers the service, length and style of the box braids. High-end salons offer the service at high prices due to the ambience offered by their spas. Large box braids are also more expensive than their medium and jumbo counterparts. Other embellishments, like the beads, may also increase the price of the braids. Overall, the cost of box braids varies between £70 and £160. Use Booksy to check salons that offer the service at affordable prices and have great reviews. You can also filter prices accordingly, from the highest to the lowest on the platform. How To Find Box Braids Salons Open Now? When do you want to have the box braids done? Most salons are open during normal working hours, from around 8:00 a.m. to about 9:00 p.m. However, there are a few that are open till late or early in the morning to serve those who are only available after work. Check your schedule before booking a hair stylist to determine the best times to book the service. Booksy enables you to filter results depending on the time the salon opens. You can choose from among those that are open when you need to have the braids done. Some hair stylists may require you to book the service several hours before you visit the salon. Booksy will indicate this so that you do what is necessary. There are also phone numbers for the service providers so that you can call them to confirm the best time to get served. Cheap Box Braids Salon in London You can still have some well-styled box braids on your head even if you are working on a tight budget. There are cheap salons that offer quality services across London that you can use. Use our search function to get results based on prices and pick the one with the best service. There are ratings to differentiate one provider of cheap box braids near you from another. Use them accordingly. Once you have used the services of the best box braid salons in London, be sure to rate them accordingly. This will help future users choose the service providers that offer the quality of hair styling that they need. Box Braids Near You/Me How do you find box braids near you? By integrating Google Maps into the platform, Booksy makes it easier to find nearby salons. The maps feature allows you to estimate the location of each salon from where you are. You can also use the same feature to drive to the salon with ease. In many cases, you will see several salons near you. Read the reviews from customers to know which among them offers the best services. Pick ones that have raving reviews and offer box braids at affordable prices. Open an account at, log in and book a service.