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Lisburn, Northern Ireland

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  • Ted Shearing

    8.8 mi 14 Orange Field Grove, BT5 6DA, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    PUPPY GROOM (14 - 26 weeks)

    Bath & Blow Dry, Hygiene Area trimmed, Paw pads trimmed, Nails Clipped, Spritz of Baby Fresh. Puppies should generally be introduced to professional grooming when they are about 10 to 12-weeks-old as long as they have had their second injections. Once they’re in the routine you’ll then want to bring them every four to eight weeks depending on their breed. In order to make your puppy’s first visit to at Ted Shearing as stress free as possible you’ll want to do a few things to prepare them for the experience. Here are some tips that will help them relax when they visit: Ensure that your puppy is comfortable being held by gently touching all parts of his body ahead of his first visit. You’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable being held by holding them yourself as much as possible. Introduce your puppy to a brush at a young age and show them there is nothing to be afraid of. Gently brush them, building up the time spent brushing them each day. If they get stressed or over agitated stop brushing. Ensure your puppy is used to their paws being held and their ears been touched.

    BATH & FLUFF DRY (Curly/Silky Coats)

    Bath & Blow Dry, Hygiene Area trimmed, Paw pads trimmed, Nails Clipped, Spritz of Baby Fresh.


    Bath & Blow Dry, Cut & Styled, Hygiene Area trimmed, Paw pads trimmed, Nails Clipped, Spritz of Baby Fresh.
  • Oh My Dog Grooming Belfast

    9.1 mi 13 Shore Road, Belfast






  • Bark & Claw Pet Grooming

    15.4 mi 130 Kernan Hill Manor, BT63 5WW, Craigavon

    Baby Barks 14- 26 weeks of age

    Including bath, blow-dry, hygiene trim, eye and ear cleanse, 'pawdicure' and a spritz of baby barks perfume!

    Baby Claws age 16 - 26 weeks

    Including Wet or dry bath, blow-dry, eye and ear cleanse, 'murder mitten trim' and a spritz of baby claws perfume.

    Teeny Dogs

    Including wash, clip, blow-dry, 'pawdicure' , ear cleanse and a spritz of doggy cologne or perfume! Eg. Toy Poodle, Toy Yorkie, Maltese, Chihuahua etc..
  • Imaj Barber Ballyclare

    16.7 mi Rashee Road, 14, Imaj Barber, BT39 9HR, Ballyclare

    Ear wax - nose wax - eyebrow fix & trim


    Kids haircut



  • Repose Hair And Beauty

    15.3 mi Unit 5 Antrim Arcade, 18 - 24 High Street, BT41 4BN, Antrim

    Hair Extensions Consultation

    Hair extensions consultation is free of charge, however £5 will be charged to anyone in breach of our cancellation policy.

    Bring your own hair!!

    Bring your own hair for fitting! Option 1 - Up to 100g of hair Option 2 - 100g - 150g hair Option 3 - 150g - 200g hair
    Option 1
    Option 2
    Option 3

    18 inch Nano Rings/Micro Rings 100g

    Using hair from our Opulent Collection, lasting 9 - 12 months using the correct aftercare and scheduled maintenence appointments.
  • Alana Manderson | Makeup & Brow Artist

    12.4 mi linen fields, 12, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

    Ultimate Brow

    Includes consultation with your first brow booking to understand your brow shape. Each treatment is followed by the ultimate brow measuring technique to find the golden ratio to suit your face shape. Followed by customised tinting(to suit your hair colour or personal colour preference) , precise waxing, tweezing and finishing by trimming the brow.

    Ultimate brow (tweeze) suitable for sensitive skin

    The same technique as ultimate brow, instead of waxing I will tweeze the brows. This is suitable for anyone who can’t get waxing done due to medical reasons.

    Ultimate brow with sensitive tint