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  • Kaleidoscope Tattoo Collective

    6.8 mi 3 Pier Road, BN17 5BA, Littlehampton

    Quote - Minimum charge £60


    Quote - £75


    Quote - £90 (Set amount)

    1h 15min
  • Lightning Like Scissors - GENDER NEUTRAL BARBERS

    10.4 mi 16 Preston Street, BN1 2HN, Brighton

    The Newby

    For first-time clients with short hair. This service allows extra time for an initial consultation to ensure we can achieve your hair goals. For clients wanting a more dramatic change (long to short) see other descriptions

    The Newby Extra/ Transformation

    Do you have existing medium length (below the ear and above the shoulder) and/or very thick hair. Maybe you are looking for an extreme change!? Then this is the right appointment for you.
    1h 15min

    The Newby Ultra/ Extreme Transformation

    Do you have existing long hair/medium length very thick hair Or maybe you are looking for an extreme change!? Then this is the right appointment for you please choose The Newby Ultra/Extreme Transformation. hair and have you been thinking about an exciting and dramatic change? This service is for clients who are going from long to short hair and need a bit of extra time.
    1h 30min
  • Bertie and Belle

    9.2 mi Bertie & Belle, 178/180 Church Road, BN3 2DJ, Brighton and Hove, England

    Car Cuts


    Car Cuts - (Doesn't Like Haircuts)


    Babys First Hair Cut Package

  • Sabrina Falk

    10.9 mi April, 5-7 Lowther Road,, BN1 6LF, Brighton

    SF Lash Lift & Tint

    This service includes: Lash cleanse Lash Lift & tint Lash treatment mask Hydrating & strengthening lash serum

    SF Brow Lamination, Shape & Tint

    This service includes: - Brow cleanse - Lamination - Bespoke colour tinting - Hydrating & Strengthening treatment - Precision shaping - Brow Styling

    SF Restorative Brow Tattooing (Microblading)

    This service includes a top up treatment within 6 weeks of your first appointment. Please contact me for a medical form and patch test prior to booking. If you have previously had your brows microbladed elsewhere, please message me for clearance first and book in for the correction service.
  • That Edge Effect

    11.1 mi Studio IO, 3 Queen Place, BN1 4JY, Brighton

    Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Duo

    The duo to make a difference to your daily routine. Enhance your natural lashes to achieve effortlessly thicker and longer looking lashes and achieve silky, fuller, fluffier looking brows at the same time. Each treatment is £35 but book together for £10 off.
    1h 15min

    Free Consultation

    Do you have questions about treatments that you would like to discuss face-to-face? Book in for a free consultation to get those questions answered!

    Combination Brows

    Combination brows are a mixture of the Ombré brow and Hairstrokes. With the addition of fluffy hair strokes towards the head of the brow, the combination brow then fades into the Ombré of dreams towards the tail. (Including 6 week top up).
    2h 30min