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Looking for a provider that specializes in all things related to woodwork? There’s no better person to contact than a carpenter! Whether you’re interested in custom building a piece of furniture or you’re simply wanting to add some extra detail to your home’s walls with elements like crown molding, a carpenter will have the perfect skill set needed to accomplish these types of jobs. On Booksy, you can not only locate providers within the health, beauty, and wellness industries, but you can also discover specialists in other sectors like carpentry and book appointments with recommended carpenters nearby. 
Carpenters near you

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I was able to get a same-day evening appointment to fit my schedule! He did a wonderful job hanging my tv's!

Rhonda M… 05/09/2023

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Markee Goff Handyman LLC

2713 Bobby Ave, 37216 Nashville

What is a carpenter?

What is a carpenter?

 Carpentry is one of the oldest construction trades known to man, with carpenters being skilled professionals that specialize in working with wood. These types of individuals are trained to construct, repair, and install wooden fixtures and structures. Certain carpenters may work primarily with large construction projects, whereas others solely focus on smaller frameworks in the form of cabinets, furniture, or home decor. What to expect from carpentry services? Working with local carpenters is a great way of immersing yourself in-home renovation or decoration projects as these professionals can help you turn your design dream into reality. Depending on the type of task, a carpenter may first consult with you on your vision and design some blueprints or models to fit your specifications. Then, using their expertise, they’ll be able to craft their work and install it if necessary. How to find the best carpenters near you? So how do I find the best carpenters near me? We’re glad you asked! The key to finding professional carpenters in your area is using the Booksy search bar to locate them. Once you’ve filled out what you’re looking for, where you’re located, and a suitable appointment timeframe, you’ll be able to read reviews on local carpenters to find the best providers—or just use the sorting button and filter by the “Top Reviewed” options. How do I make an appointment with a carpenter? Since you now know how to find carpenters near you, the next step is learning how to schedule an appointment with your desired provider. On Booksy, we make the booking process as simple as possible, so it’ll only take you a few moments to make an appointment with the carpenter of your choice. To do so, locate the service you’d like to schedule a booking for, then select the “Book” button pictured next to it. How much do carpentry services cost? Because carpenters specialize in so many different types and sizes of projects, there isn’t necessarily one price that fits all carpentry services across the board. While pricing will depend on where you’re located, the type of project, and what carpenter you work with, most carpenters charge an hourly fee, somewhere between $35 and $100 per hour. You can check out specific prices on Booksy, where you’ll find both carpenters for small work nearby and carpenters for more substantial projects. How do you prepare for carpentry services? In order to adequately prepare for meeting with a carpenter, you’ll want to jot down or map out the general details of your project, which will help the carpenter get a good idea of your desired outcome—this can include specifications such as design, dimensions, and even the type of wood. In addition, if you’re planning on a larger-scale project such as an in-home renovation, you’ll want to prepare the construction area by clearing the overall space and moving any existing furniture to another room.