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Cupping in Orlando

Have you ever been sunning yourself poolside in Orlando and seen a bikini (or trunk)-clad back covered in strange, perfectly round bruises? Perhaps you asked your neighbor what they were and they told you that they had just been cupped by their favorite Orlando acupuncturist. They probably raved about how great it was and told you to try it.

Perhaps that’s even why you’re here on Booksy today! Even if that's not what piqued your interest in cupping, you may wish to know more about this ancient practice.

What is Cupping?

For thousands of years, cupping has been used to treat:

  • pain

  • high blood pressure

  • cellulite

  • respiratory conditions

Traditionally, cupping practitioners used fire (safely, we promise) to create a suction between your skin and the cup, but most specialists now use special cups with the suction feature built in.

When the suction is engaged, the cup draws your blood upwards, and is believed to release:

  • congested energy

  • lymph fluids

  • phlegm

  • muscle pain

What to Expect at a Cupping Appointment

It's a good idea to wear loose clothing to your appointment, but you may also be given a gown to wear. You will discuss your health concerns and answer questions about your history to determine treatment.

Then you will lie down on a massage table and your Orlando cupping practitioner will place the cups on your skin and create the suction. Cupping is not painful, but it might feel a little uncomfortable for the first few seconds or so.

Once you are done, you will be given a little time to rest and recuperate before leaving. However, just like your deck chair friend, you may be left with red circles on your skin that last a week or so.'

How Long Does Cupping Take?

The cupping itself is only about 10 minutes, although cupping appointments in Orlando will be booked for 30 minutes to allow for consultation recuperation.

How Long Does Cupping Last?

Your cupping specialist (usually an acupuncturist or Chinese medicine specialist) will advise you best, but the general rule is once those red circles have faded, you can go back for your next treatment.

How Much Does Cupping Cost in Orlando?

In Orlando, cupping can cost $40-$80 per treatment.

Remember that you get what you pay for, so make sure that your cupping expert is indeed an expert and has received training in this method!

Where to Get Cupping in Orlando?

If you're ready to feel relief from what ails you and you want to try this unconventional but beneficial method-- let us make it easy for you!

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