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Dreadlocks in Orlando

With a strong history rooted in Jamaica’s Rastafari movement during the 1960s, dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has continued to rise in popularity and has made it to present-day mainstream fashion. Today, many salons and barbershops across the country, including ones in Orlando, Florida, provide dreadlock services as a part of their haircare menus. To book a dreadlock appointment, all you’ll need to do is launch the Booksy application or access Booksy.com via your web browser. Our helpful platform is packed with a multitude of health, beauty, and wellness services that you can easily schedule with little to no effort, straight from your computer or mobile device. What are dreadlocks and how are they done? Dreadlocks, also referred to simply as “dreads” or “locs”, are a hairstyle that is created by matting down or locking the hair into rope-like strands. This style of hair has been around for centuries, with the first known examples of dreadlocks dating as far back as even 1500 BCE. However, dreadlocks are most closely associated with Rastafarianism, thanks to figures like Bob Marley contributing to their popularity. Originally, the most typical method of attaining dreadlocks was by essentially neglecting the hair by not brushing or combing it. This method of forming locs is actually called the “neglect method”, which takes years to naturally accomplish. Currently, most people who choose to get dreadlocks forgo this method because of the amount of time it takes to complete, and instead choose to go to a salon for a faster and professional approach. If you’re planning on booking a visit to a salon to get dreadlocks, you’re probably curious about what the process looks like. Making dreadlocks is not a one-method procedure, there are actually quite a few different ways to form locs—so if you’re interested in what these processes might look like, read on to have a glance at a few different techniques. BACKCOMBING Undoubtedly one of the most popular methods of forming dreads, backcombing entails taking a strand of hair and brushing the hair backwards, towards the scalp. When the knots and matted texture begin to form, the strands of hair are then twisted and rolled, giving them their classic dreadlock look. TWIST AND RIP This method is named appropriately for its process, involving both twisting and ripping the hair at the tip. The hair is first sectioned off into segments, then is twisted a few times around, and finally, is pulled apart at the ends. Pulling the hair apart at the ends causes a knot to form, so this process is continuously repeated until the entire strand of hair is completely knotted. SISTERLOCKS Also sometimes called “brotherlocks”, sisterlocks is an interlocking method that is formed by creating miniature versions of dreadlocks across the entire head. These tiny locs are then interwoven together, in turn creating larger, full-sized versions of dreadlocks. How do I choose the best salon that offers dreadlocks in Orlando? Check out Booksy for your options of salons and barbershops in Orlando that offer dreadlocks. With ease, you can browse from our base of businesses in your current area that provide this service and you can even read reviews from other Booksy clients. You can also begin a search using our search engine to sort your results by the top reviewed businesses or the ones that we recommend trying out. To do so, just fill in the required fields: what service you’re looking to book (dreadlocks), where you are located (Orlando, Florida), and your preferred appointment time and date. When your results have shown up below, it’s as easy as pressing the “Sort by” button and selecting one of the two options available. How much do dreadlocks cost? The cost of getting dreadlocks installed can vary depending on factors such as location as well as the length and thickness of your hair—however, usually the general range for a full head of dreads can be anywhere from $100 to $1000, but if you’re using Booksy, you can find specific costs listed conveniently next to each available service. Articles Kids Hair Braiding The Most Beautiful Braid Hairstyles Celebrating the History of Black Hairstyles How To Style Natural Hair Celebrating Black Hair How to Avoid a DIY Hair Fail At Home