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A culturally significant custom turned fashion statement, African hair braiding has become mainstream today across the globe as not only a protective hairstyle method but also as an on-trend look—and with its popularity continuing to rise, you won’t have an issue with finding an African braiding salon in any corner of the world, including your very own city of Orlando, Florida.

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What is African braiding?

African braiding is the general term for a broad range of hairstyles that originate from the African diaspora. Many of the African braiding hairstyles that exist today can even be traced back to thousands of years, with one of the earliest known examples of African braiding being linked back to Egypt in 3500 BCE. Throughout the years, many braiding hairstyles have evolved from being indicators of aspects such as social status, marital status, age group, religion, and wealth to being trendy and coveted hairstyles. There are numerous African braiding styles that exist, so if you’re just getting familiar with African braiding, you’ll likely want to glance over our highlighted styles below!


One of the most beloved braiding styles, box braids are braids that are created by first segmenting the hair into square sections, or boxes. Each boxed-off section of the hair is braided down using a traditional, three strand plaiting method. Box braids can be made using any width or length of hair, making them a versatile style that can be customized to the wearer’s preference.


Micro braids are an African braiding style that is achieved by braiding down tiny sections of hair across the entirety of the head. These braids are so small and thin, that they often act as and resemble individual strands of hair. Because these braids are much thinner than most other braid styles, they often feel much lighter on the head than certain styles like box braids or twists.


Also commonly referred to as canerows, cornrows are braids that are plaited tightly along the scalp, from the front of the head to the back. These braids sit flat against the head, resulting in neat “rows”, that resemble those of corn fields.


Twists are a unique braiding style that employs the use of two strands to attain their effect, rather than a traditional three strand plaiting method. With twists, the hair is divided into many sections, then each segment of hair is divided into two strands, which are twisted around one another.

How do I choose the best African braiding service in Orlando?

Browse your options and locate the best, all in one place! Booksy makes it simple to find the  top African braiding salons and services in Orlando , which you can do by performing a Booksy search. Start out by filling in the required criteria in the search bar including the service you’re looking for, where you’re located, and your desired appointment time slot. Once your results have appeared below, you can feel free to use the “Sort by” feature to arrange your listings by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. You can also peruse reviews from any business that catches your eye, by clicking on their Booksy business page and scrolling down to the reviews section.

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