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Braids in Orlando

Are you visiting the beautiful Orlando, Florida and are looking for the perfect salon that offers braids? Or maybe you’re a resident searching for your personal “holy grail” of braiding businesses. Either way, you’ll find no shortage of braid services right here, locally!

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What is braiding and what types of braiding services are available?

Braiding is the decorative practice of interlacing the hair in a weaving fashion. This method of styling hair was thought to have originated as far back as thirty thousand years ago and its practice has since been seen in various different cultures across the globe. Often when we think of braiding, the most classic styles, standard braid and French braids, come to mind. However, there are actually multiple types of braiding styles that exist today and are regularly worn. If you’re not sure yet which braiding technique you’re interested in, check out our simple guide on popular braid styles below.


Box braids are one of the most sought-after braiding styles and protective hairstyles of the modern times. With box braids, the hair is first sectioned away into squared-off segments, then each portion is plaited downwards using three strands of hair. The name itself alludes to the sectioning of the hair, as the square-like portions of divided hair tend to resemble boxes.


Originating in Africa, cornrows are another common protective style of hair that is favored by both men and women, for the fact that they’re easy to maintain. Cornrows likewise get their name from their appearance, as they tend to subtly mirror the look of rows of corn. This method of plaiting consists of braiding the hair extremely close to the scalp, using a specific approach to give the effect of straight, raised rows across the head.


Essentially a spin-off of box braids, triangle braids follow a very similar braiding method. The only difference here is, is instead of sectioning the hair into “boxes”, the hair is divided into triangular portions. This braiding practice makes a great choice for if you want to go for a dependable and reliable style with a unique twist to it.


If you like the effect of a natural looking full head of hair, feed-in braids may be a good option to consider. Feed-in braids allow you to achieve a more voluminous hairstyle by “feeding-in” synthetic hair with your natural hair during the braiding process. Synthetic hair is commonly used to add length in many types of braiding styles, however, this specific method of adding hair is unique to feed-in braids.

How much does braiding cost?

Since there are so many different types of braiding styles, the cost of a braiding service will depend on factors including the style of braid chosen, the thickness and length of the hair, as well as the time it takes to complete the braids. Additional costs can also include elements such as synthetic hair, if you plan on adding some tresses to increase volume. If you’d like to find out more specific pricing, check out the search results for braids in Orlando on Booksy, where you can conveniently view each individual merchant’s pricing next to the respective service.

How can I find businesses that offer braiding services open now?

Efficiently and effortlessly locate businesses that provide braid services in Orlando today! If you haven’t already, download the Booksy application from the app store, or simply use your desktop or laptop to visit Booksy online. When searching for your desired braiding service, choose the date and time that suits your needs best or select the timeframe closest to the current hour to view salons open now.