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Eyebrow Threading in Orlando

Brow upkeep can be hard work, especially when hair typically grows faster in warm climates like Orlando! The many options for brow taming that the beauty industry provides us with can sometimes be overwhelming.

What’s the best option for you? What will your skin best react to? Which brow treatment falls within your budget? The list goes on. Eyebrow threading has gotten its popularity due to its safety and consistency. Read more about it.

What Is Threading and What Are Its Advantages?

The process of brow threading is a simple one. It has to do with a single piece of cotton thread. One end of the thread is in the beauty professionals mouth, while the excess is enough to be twisted and pulled along your brow line. Each unwanted hair is pulled out where the twist of the thread begins.

This technique allows for the specialist to have greater control over which hairs are removed. It also avoids any chemicals or unnecessary tugging on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, threading is typically the best option for you. While waxing is quicker and cheaper, it can be very abrasive to the skin and tends to cause breakouts.

How Often Do I Get My Brows Threaded?

It varies for every person, but you’ll start to see hair growing out come 2-3 weeks post threading appointment. As stated above, because of the precision and accuracy that comes from the art of threading, a specialist can snag any hair that becomes visible on the brow line, no matter how new or short.

How Much Does It Cost?

The average cost of threading strictly for eyebrows lies between $12-15. The rest can vary, from on average $8 for your upper lip to $30 for full face.

Where Can I Find Eyebrow Threading in Orlando?

Right here! Scroll up to Booksy’s many listings for brow services near you. Here, you’ll find the best professionals for the job. Great brows are in your near future. Happy booking!