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Eyelash Extensions in Orlando

If you live in the glamorous Orlando area, you’re probably already familiar with how must-have long eyelashes are in the beauty world since you’ve likely seen the stunning new fashion phenomenon that helps ladies everywhere lengthen their natural lashes. What Are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash extensions, or false eyelashes, are tips that adhere to your natural lashes to take short lashes to new lengths. They typically come in three types: synthetic, silk, and mink, with lengths ranging from 6mm to 17mm. Once you know the type and length of your lashes, they are glued to your natural lashes or eyelid using a semi-permanent adhesive designed to avoid irritating your skin, lash, and eyes. What Kinds of Eyelash Extensions Are Popular, and How Much Do They Cost? Below, we’ve defined the most popular eyelash extension services in the Orlando, Florida area and included an average cost for each as well. Price varies on the type of lash used, with synthetic falling on the lower end and mink falling on the higher end. Classic Lash, $150-250 Best for those who already have a decent eyelid of lashes, they serve primarily to lengthen your natural lashes as only one lash extension is added to each natural lash, sometimes called a 1:1. For a more natural lash look, classic lashes are the way to go. Volume Lash, $200-300 Best for those who don't have as many natural lashes left, have bald spots along their lids, or simply want a more high couture, dramatic look, volume lashes involve multiple extensions applied to each individual natural eyelash using really thin lashes. If you have two extensions applied per natural lash, it's called a 2D; for three extensions per lash, it's 3D, and so on. This method provides light and fluffier lashes with a fuller look. Lash Touch-Ups, $55-115 Varies depending on the type of lash, length, and the ratio of extensions to natural lashes, with classic lashes falling on the lower end and volume lashes falling on the higher end. Lash Removal, $15-35 Depending on how extensive your lash extensions are, the cost of removal can vary. How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last? You might need a touch-up every 3-5 weeks, though some can hold off for the full growth cycle of your natural lashes, until 6-8 weeks after application. How to Book an Appointment To book an appointment, simply find your ideal lash expert in the listings above and schedule your next salon visit through Booksy today! Breaking Down the Cost of Eyelash Extensions in Orlando, Florida Eyelash extensions can give you the semi-permanent look of fuller lashes without the fuss of applying fake lashes or mascara day in and day out. The cost of lash extensions can vary depending on: The experience of the artist The style of the lash The material of the lash and adhesive While the price options for lash extensions can vary widely, Booksy helps make the pricing structure more comprehensible, so all you need to worry about is what to do with all the tubes of mascara you won’t need anymore! How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost in Orlando, Florida The experience level of the artist is a big determining factor in pricing for eyelash extensions. As eyelash extensions are time-consuming to apply (90–120 minutes for classic sets), highly skilled and sought-after artists will charge more for their time. Certain lash styles take longer to apply. Expect to pay more for volume extensions (120–180 minutes to apply). Lash extensions typically include only the top lash, but bottom extensions can be added for a fraction of the cost. The lash material also affects the price. Synthetic lashes are cheaper than the more natural mink lashes. Some upscale artists use higher-quality, low-fume adhesives, which cost more. Eyelash Extensions Cost Classic lash extensions cost about $150–250 for the initial application, depending on the experience of the artist and the material of the lashes. For styles focused on adding volume, expect to pay an additional $100. Bottom lash extensions typically cost $50. Expect to pay around $65 for refills a few weeks later. Putting a Price on Perfect Lashes Are you ready for the look of full, dark lashes a la Kim Kardashian without the hassle of daily fakes? Even if you just want stress-free natural-looking lashes without having to use mascara, booking an appointment for eyelash extensions in Orlando is so easy! Let Booksy help your eyes get the definition they need.