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Taming your eyebrows can be a challenge in a climate such as Orlando’s, where humidity (and therefore hair growth) are plentiful! How to get around it? Find the best eyebrow waxing specialist in the Orlando area to keep your brows fresh and clean! What Is Eyebrow Waxing? Eyebrow waxing is a service that involves semi-permanent brow hair removal using a hot wax to rip the hair right from the root, leaving smooth, hairless skin for up to 4-6 weeks. Waxing is a popular and quick method of hair removal that you’ll find available at most beauty salons throughout Orlando. Although quicker and cheaper than most other eyebrow treatments, because of the quick action of pulling your brow hair out, waxing can lack precision, especially in such a fine and delicate area such as your brow region. For that reason, waxing is extremely popular on larger surface areas of the body, such as back and legs. First Timer? Here’s What You Can Expect Slight Pain Don’t fear! It’s a very temporary burn that can be softened by a cooling gel. The pain typically goes down each and every time you visit. An Occasional Tweeze Because of the lack of precision that comes with waxing, your specialist will want to perfect your freshly waxed brows with a tweezer. An Occasional Trim A long hair brow does not equal a bad brow hair. Having full brows is a gift, so your specialist will save the long ones from trimming instead of fully pulling them out in the waxing process. Tiny Bit of Red Since waxing can be rough on your skin, a little bit of redness is completely normal! (Hint: Don’t get your eyebrows waxed right before a party, people may think red eye shadow is the next big trend!) How Much Does Eyebrow Waxing Cost in Orlando? The average cost of eyebrow waxing is approximately $12, depending on the expertise of the salon and specialist. Where Can I Find Eyebrow Waxing in Orlando? It’s not far away! Simply scroll up and explore Booksy to find a slew of professional eyebrow waxing artists to give you the brows you’ve been dreaming of. On the go? Download our app to find 5-star waxing specialists near you.