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Eyelash extensions are making waves not only in the broader beauty industry but more specifically in the city of Chicago. In a city like Chicago, where the big city feel feeds into the style, nightlife, and all-around elegance that lives on from its history, lash extensions give the eyes the life they need to uphold the fresh and primped look day in and day out. No mascara touch-ups holding you back here! What Are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash extensions are artificial lashes that adhere to your natural lashes, making them look longer and fuller, depending on the type you decide is right for you. The three commonly known kinds are synthetic, silk, and mink. You can typically choose your length, and whether you want to opt more for length or volume, similar to mascara. What’s the Difference Between the Different Kinds of Eyelash Extensions? Between the three kinds of lashes we mentioned above, the main differentiator between them are their firmness. Synthetic and silk usually fall on the heavier side, and as a result, they look it too. They’ll fall at right about .20 mm in thickness. Mink are typically on the thinner side and are much softer to the touch. As a result, their thickness falls short to that of synthetic or silk, measuring closer to .15 mm–.20 mm. How Much Do Lash Extensions Cost in Chicago? Price varies on the type of lash used. You’ll find more synthetic options on the cheaper end, and mink options on the higher end. Classic Lash, ~$200 These are the most natural option for those of you that already have a decent set of natural lashes. You can count on lengthier lashes after your beauty professional applies these. Those of you looking for more volume, read on! Volume Lash, ~$250 Recommended for those of you who lack in the natural lash department, and need a major boost to open up those eyes! The volume lashes add so much boost because there are multiple individual lashes adhered onto just one of yours, really making a difference volume-wise. Both classic lashes and volume lashes will last you about 3-5 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. Lash Fills, $ Varies Depending on the kind of lash you had originally applied and how grown out they are, this price can vary greatly. You’ll find complete lash removal to run you about $20 on average. Where Can I Find the Best Lash Extensions in Chicago? Set your sights a little higher on the page, and you’ll find your next go-to for the best eyelash extensions in town. See photos, read reviews, and get to know many beauty salons and lash experts to ensure you pick the right one before you even step foot in their shop. Browse here on Booksy or on our free mobile app.