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Bold, beautiful lashes don’t necessarily have to require ten coats of your favorite mascara just to do the trick—you can easily achieve a fuller and darker look with a simple procedure! Eyelash tinting is one of the best kept industry secrets to attaining vibrant, natural-looking lashes in a flash, and you won’t have to look too far to book your own eyelash tinting appointment when you’re scheduling with Booksy. Booksy is the top booking application for health and beauty services near you. Our user-friendly platform is your personal tool for exploring and scheduling appointments to your favorite treatments—all done entirely online! Get started today by downloading the Booksy app on your smartphone or check us out on your browser by going to Booksy.com. What is eyelash tinting and how does it work? Essentially a dye job for your lashes, eyelash tinting is a quick method of dyeing the eyelashes darker to give them a more saturated and fuller appearance. This semi-permanent procedure is generally considered to be a safe and non-toxic treatment for an area as sensitive as the eyes, as dyes used for lash tinting are typically derived from vegetables. So, what exactly does the process of getting your lashes tinted look like? It starts out by making an eyelash tint appointment (which you can do on Booksy!) and sitting in the salon chair. Your technician will first assess the color of your lashes and choose the appropriate dye to use—lash dyes come in many different shades from pure black to brown-black and even blue-black, so you can choose the dye of your preference or the one that looks most natural. From there, the pigment is mixed with an oxidizing agent and is subsequently painted onto your eyelashes and left to set for about ten minutes or so. Once the pigment has successfully penetrated through the lashes, the tint is wiped off and dried—and voila, your eyelashes should now look darker and more pronounced! Eyelash tinting comes with many benefits, but one of the primary advantages is that it lasts about three to six weeks. This makes tinting a great choice for not only those who want to forgo mascara due to time constraints, but also for those who have makeup allergies, those who engage in high levels of physical activity (especially watersports), or those who live in a humid or moisture-heavy environment. How do I choose the best eyelash tint service in Chicago? On Booksy, you’ll have no trouble finding the best eyelash tinting service nearby—we’re not only a base of health, beauty, and wellness services, but we’re also a base of dependable reviews left by real clients. You can scroll through individual businesses in Chicago on Booksy and browse through their ratings and reviews or you can use our “Sort by” feature to immediately jump to the best rated salons. To do so, begin a search using our search engine bar at the top of the page and complete the required information: what you’re looking for (eyelash tint), where you’re located (Chicago, Illinois), and when you want to book your appointment for. When your results have shown up below, you can then click that handy “Sort by” button and select one of the available options. How much does an eyelash tint service cost? There isn’t one set price when it comes to eyelash tinting services, however, lash tinting is considered to be relatively inexpensive, and you can generally expect to pay somewhere between twenty and forty dollars on average. On Booksy, businesses create their own price lists for their services, so if you’d like more specific pricing, you can view exact prices which will be reflected directly next to each service. How do I find salons that offer eyelash tinting open now? You can easily locate eyelash tinting services open now through Booksy! Check out your options for currently open eyelash tint services in Chicago by starting a search using our search bar and selecting a date and time closest to the current date and time—this will give you results of businesses you can visit now! Otherwise, you can select another date or time that works with your schedule, to make an appointment for your preferred time frame.