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Eyelash Perms in Chicago, Illinois

Looking to speed up your makeup routine in the morning? Or are your eyes always looking tired, even after curling those limp lashes? If so, an eyelash perm may literally be eye opening for you! What Is an Eyelash Perm? During an eyelash perm, the stylist will have the guest lay comfortably reclined in a treatment bed or chair. Next, they will apply a glue or protective cream to the eyelid, which guards the skin and keeps perm solution from getting too close to the eye. The stylist will then position a small roller—usually the diameter of a cotton swab but sized to create the desired curl size just under the lash line. At this point, the stylist will then apply a perming solution that breaks down the bonds of the hair giving it shape, leaving the solution to penetrate the hair for about 15 minutes. Finally, they will apply an activator solution which rebuilds the bonds of the hair, solidifying the newly uplifted shape of the lashes. After gently cleaning the eye area, the service provider may condition the lashes or provide a mini facial or makeup touch up, being sure to avoid the lash area. They will also advise you to keep the eyelashes dry for 24 hours, which will keep the perm from falling out, including refraining from using mascara. The Appointment Length and Costs of Eyelash Perms in Chicago The full service usually takes anywhere from 30–60 minutes, and eyelash perm guests typically return to the salon once per month to maintain the look and can expect to pay anywhere from $50-80 in Chicago, Illinois for the service. How to Find the Best Eyelash Perm in Chicago Beauty aficionados who get eyelash perms are pleased with the open, uplifted look that it provides. Your esthetician or stylist may also offer other services such as eyelash extensions or microblading—a technique where thin “hairs” are tattooed onto the eyebrows creating a more full and dramatic, arched look. Booksy has many brow specialists and stylists who specialize in eyelash perms. Return to the listings above or download the Booksy app to book your brow-perming appointment today!