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A woman’s hair may be her crown but having hair in unwanted places can be a nightmare. It can be difficult to keep the upper hand when it comes to bushy eyebrows, sideburns and mustaches. While most of us would prefer to keep our beauty secrets to ourselves, home grooming may not be the most effective way of keeping these hairs at bay. Luckily, a vibrant, trendy city like Kissimmee has not shortage of qualified professionals who make a living from getting rid of irritating and unnecessary facial hair. What Are Different Options For Facial Hair Removal? Some wonderful advances in cosmetics and beauty products have given women a variety of options to choose from when it comes to facial hair removal: Waxing Threading Laser hair removal Electrolysis How Long Does Facial Hair Removal Take? The length of the treatment depends on the type of treatment your getting. Waxing and threading usually take between 10-20 minutes. Laser hair removal and electrolysis can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. How Long Does Facial Hair Removal Last? Electrolysis gets rid of unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair removal drastically decreases hair growth, and touch ups are only needed about once a year. Waxing and threading usually last 2 to 6 weeks. How Much Does Facial Hair Removal Cost in Kissimmee? Waxing and threading in Kissimmee costs between $12 to $30 per session. An electrolysis session in Kissimmee ranges from $15 to $110, depending on the length of the session. Laser hair removal sessions vary from $5 to $400, depending on the size of the area being treated. How To Find a Facial Hair Removal Specialist Near You Kissimmee is home to countless facial hair removal specialists who are more than happy to assist you with whatever you may need. Download the Booksy app or scroll through the listings above to book a specialist near you today! Articles Pubic Hair Styles Summer Hair Removal Tips The Best Ways To Remove Pubic Hair