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Hair massage in Chicago

Swedish massage, hot stones massage, surely you’ve heard of those. But have you heard of a hair massage? And do you know that it’s available now in salons in Chicago as well?

Booksy is an innovative tool to help you book your appointments for beauty services without having to call or sign up directly at the salon. You can do this in two ways, on our Booksy website or through our Booksy app. The Booksy app is available for free and can be downloaded for phones with Android or iOS. Once you have Booksy open, all you need to do is choose your location and your desired service. In this case you would choose a hair massage in Chicago.

So what is a hair massage? 

A hair massage is often part of the shampooing process done by a hairdresser. It can also be done separately, either on wet or dry hair. Special oils can additionally be used during the massage for even more health benefits. Some salons will offer these oils as add-ons during the hair massage process.

How does a hair massage work?

The key aspect of the hair massage is to stimulate hair follicles. According to various studies, a massage can stretch the cells of hair follicles and may help dilate blood vessels. These things can lead to increased hair growth and thicker hair. 

Why may I need a hair massage?

Problems with hair is a much more common issue then many would guess, with thinning and hair loss touching both men and women. Many people take hair growth supplements or buy expensive lotions. Maybe a hair massage is something worth trying first? It is not an invasive process and does not require you to spend insane amounts of money. If you see that your hair is falling out more than it used to or that it has become weaker, a hair massage may be just what you need. Also, this may be a great service to book if you’ve had a hard week or been more stressed out lately. It can provide you with much-needed relaxation.

Did you know the scalp has pores as well?

Another potential benefit of a hair massage is how it can remove impurities from the scalp’s pores. Hair care products, sweat, dust, all these can cause impurities and product buildup. That in turn may lead to a dry and irritated scalp, which may even cause dandruff. A hair massage can help fight these issues in a healthy, non-invasive manner.

So how can I choose the best hair massage service in Chicago?

This is where Booksy can come in and help! Thanks to our search engine, you can browse through various salons offering hair massage in Chicago. Simply select the location and service and voilà, the salons will appear! Thanks to the millions of users on Booksy, you can sort the salons by top reviewed businesses. Reviews left by customers can also come in handy when deciding on the place. 

But, how much can a hair massage cost?

As with most beauty services, the price of a hair massage can be different based on different factors, such as the salon’s location or how long the massage will be. The main reason behind the potentially different price may be if it is a separate service or part of a package, for example with a haircut or shampooing. The cost may range from thirty dollars to seventy dollars for a 30-minute hair massage session. Of course you can check out the specific price for your desired service directly on Booksy before booking your appointment.

Hair massage service near me

Check out Booksy for your options of salons offering hair massages in Chicago. You can look through our base of salons at your current location without leaving your home. No matter the time of day, even if it’s the middle of the night! Thanks to our search engine, you can also sort results by top reviewed businesses. Download the Books app or visit the Booksy website, fill in the search engine that you are looking for a hair massage in Chicago and browse away! Additionally, you can choose the Map View. That can allow you to easily choose the salon with the most convenient location for you. No more calling is needed, now you can book all of your appointments online!