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Hot Stone Massages in Chicago

At the end of a long week, we all need a chance to unwind and release the tension we carry with us in the day to day. Imagine how soothing it would be drift away into tranquility as an expert kneads into the knots and tension you carry from sitting all day at your 9–5 desk job or soothes the burn from this week’s workouts.

Cities like Chicago offer a wide range of massage therapists with a variety of styles, but what will help you drift away from the intensity of city life, just for a little bit, and leave you refreshed, re-energized, and ready to face whatever the Windy City throws your way?

What Is a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy where heated stones are applied to pressure points of the body to loosen tight muscles before the massage therapist begins their work. During treatment, the massage therapist may use heated or cooled stones in addition to their hands to apply pressure and work through knots.

The hot stones make the work of the massage therapist less intense than a deep tissue massage, so this type of massage is gentle and relaxing, and you should not experience any pain.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage in Chicago:

  • Is soothing and tranquil

  • Melts away tension

  • Reduces pain

  • Improves your sleep, and more.

How Long Does a Hot Stone Massage Take?

A hot stone massage can last anywhere from 60–90 minutes as the heat penetrates your skin and the massage therapist kneads, stretches, and rubs tight muscles.

How Much Does a Hot Stone Massage Cost?

In Chicago, you can expect to pay $90 and upwards for an hour of professional hot stone massage.

How to Find the Best Hot Stone Massage in Chicago

Ready to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing experience? Download the Booksy app or browse the listings above to find a highly ranked and expertly trained hot stone massage therapist in Chicago.