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Have you been feeling off since a recent sports injury? Has the sport you love left wear and tear on your body? Do you have a sporting event coming up and want to be in your best shape?

A sports massage is a type of sport-specific therapeutic massage that aims to stretch tight muscles, stimulate inactive ones, and improve the condition of soft tissue. Massage therapists in Chicago recommend sports massages to enhance performance and flexibility, prevent injury, and assist your recovery from an injury, because you should feel like your best self both on and off the field.

What Is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a type of therapeutic massage performed by a licensed massage therapist. This type of massage can be used to enhance preparation for a sporting event by improving endurance, preventing injuries and fatigue, and promoting muscle relaxation and flexibility.

In a sports massage, the therapist targets junctions where muscles and tendons meet, which decreases soreness in athletes when performed before or after exercise. A sports massage can also help injured athletes get back in the game they love by targeting problem areas and promoting recovery.

Massage therapists in Chicago, Illinois recommend a sports massage every other week to athletes and anyone who may be engaging in regular physical activity. This focus on muscle health and recovery helps their clients maintain a healthy exercise regimen.

How Long Is a Sports Massage?

In Chicago, most appointments for sports massage last 60-90 minutes and begin with a short conversation about your athletic history.

How Much Does Sports Massage Cost in Chicago?

While costs vary with the experience level of the massage therapist, the price of a sports massage in Chicago costs around $80 per 1 hour session.

How to Book the Best Sports Massage in Chicago

Are you ready to get back in the game? Check out the listings above to find the best massage therapists in the Chicagoland area, or download the free appointment-booking app Booksy to book your sports massage today.