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Ayurvedic Massage in Chicago, Illinois

Do you feel the need to be totally relaxed? Are you suffering from sleepless nights or just the everyday stresses of living? Chicago is full of fun things to do day and night, whether it’s seeing a show or having friends over to grill, but being busy doesn’t leave you much time to relax.

Ayurvedic, or Ayurveda, massage is the perfect way to feel calm, and best of all, the main goal of this type of massage is to make you feel relaxed and balanced.

What Is Ayurvedic Massage?

Ayurvedic massage hails from India and uses warm perfumed oils to balance and relax your body. An Ayurveda massage in Chicago will typically start with a short consultation in which you discuss your needs and expectations with the massage therapist.

Then, being mindful of your chakras and marmas, which are similar to acupressure points, your massage therapist will use a series of long strokes and occasional kneading of the muscles to bring you to a state of bliss.

Note: This type of massage is less focused on pain relief than other massages in Chicago, so you might be surprised at how much pain leaves your body anyway. After all, so much pain is due to stress, and Ayurvedic massage is all about making that stress—poof—disappear.

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage offers many benefits you can truly feel, including:

  • Relaxation

  • Improved sleep patterns and skin tones

  • Reduced stress, blood pressure, and risk of heart rate

  • Shortened frequency of migraines

  • Chronic pain relief caused by stress

How Long Does an Ayurvedic Massage Take?

Most Ayurvedic massages in Chicago last approximately 1 hour. Keep in mind that Ayurveda massage involves the use of oils on your skin and potentially in your hair, so it’s advised not to schedule any activities for immediately after your massage.

How Much Does an Ayurvedic Massage Cost?

An Ayurvedic massage in Chicago starts at $115 for a 60 minute appointment.

How to Find the Best Ayurvedic Massage in Chicago

If this kind of relaxation treatment sounds right for you, you’ll want to find an Ayurveda spa near you with great customer reviews and a highly trained staff.

Luckily, Booksy makes this easy—simply return to the listings above or download the Booksy app to schedule your massage appointment today!