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Head Massage in Chicago

Chicago is an amazing city, but even in a city like this, stress can get you down. Are you suffering from headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness, or just a general sense that you’re too busy to even think of slowing down?

If this is the case, you should book a head massage in Chicago. And did you know that head massages are also great for promoting hair growth and a healthy scalp? There’s a reason your hairdresser always gives you a mini one...

What Is a Head Massage?

Head massages can range from that glorious few moments during a shampoo at your favorite hair salon or barbershop to a full 60 minute Indian head massage complete with essential oils and hot towels.

All will involve a heavenly scalp massage and will likely also include work on your neck and shoulders. Some may also add a facial massage, which can be a great tool for (literally) smoothing your worry lines away.

Your massage therapist will use their hands and fingers to stimulate your scalp, massage your muscles, and release tension.

Benefits of a Head Massage

  • Relaxation

  • Relieves tension, stress, and anxiety

  • Improves sleep duration and quality

  • Stimulates hair growth

How Long Does a Head Massage in Chicago Take?

A head massage appointment can be 30 or 60 minutes long. Often, a longer appointment will involve massage of other body parts like feet.

How Much Does a Head Massage in Chicago Cost?

A 30 minute head massage usually starts at around $40, while a 60 minute massage may start around $90.

Where to Get the Best Head Massage in Chicago

Need help finding a spa with fabulous customer reviews and an expert staff? Finding a head massage in Chicago is as easy as scrolling up to the listings above or downloading the Booksy app today!