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While full heads of hair and thick beards remain popular trends in men’s style, most men are opting for less hair on the rest of their body. Men’s waxing is no longer the exception but the norm in modern personal care. What was once seen as being more for women is now man’s best friend. Think of how great it would feel to have smooth legs instead of feeling the breeze through your leg hair every time you wear shorts. Kissimmee offers number of professional salons and spas where guys can treat themselves to some self-care and general manscaping. Below are a few important things you should know when you going for your first wax. What To Expect from Men’s Waxing Men’s waxing often gets depicted as a painful and embarrassing event in movies and television. The truth is that a professional esthetician will know what to do to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. At most spas you can select the type of waxing service you want when booking your appointment. It’s a helpful way to let the esthetician prepare for your appointment, and give you any instructions before you come in. Usually your only prep is to take a shower beforehand and show up on time. At your appointment the esthetician will apply hot wax to the skin and lay a strip of cloth over it. They let the wax dry then quickly remove the strip of cloth, taking your unwanted hair with it. Sure it’s not pain free, but it’s a quick moment of discomfort when done by a professional. An esthetician can wax you anywhere from your eyebrows to more sensitive parts of your body without any embarrassment. They will also explain how to care for your newly smooth skin to prevent any redness or bumps. You’ll leave the salon feeling clean, smooth, and maybe even a little lighter. How Long Does It Take? Your appointment can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how much you want removed and where the hair is. How Much Does It Cost? Cost typically comes down to what you’re getting waxed. Eyebrows are typically $15-$20 and a full chest and stomach wax will run $45-$60. Brazilian waxing for men typically costs $50-$65 per treatment. Where Can I Find Men’s Waxing In Kissimmee? Ready to take the plunge into men’s waxing and get a clean new look? Booksy can help you find professional estheticians in Kissimmee with great reviews. Return to the listings above or download our app to start booking the best today.