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Tattoo Parlors in Orlando

In sunny Orlando, tattoos grace the arms, backs, necks, and chests of many of the most fashionable locals. Designs—ranging from birds and flowers to skulls and crossbones and everything in between—are a vibrant way to add to your personal style.

Do Tattoo Parlors Allow Walk-Ins?

While many Orlando tattoo parlors allow for walk-in customers to pop in for a quick flash design (typically pre-drawn by the artist, and on display for quick selection), it’s best to call ahead to find out whether they allow for walk-in appointments or prefer booking ahead of time.

Popular Services at Tattoo Parlors in Orlando

Tattoo artists often specialize in certain styles of tattooing, such as watercolor tattoos, traditional designs, blackwork tattooing, or new school to name a few. While most tattooers can do multiple styles, finding a tattoo artist in Orlando who can match your aesthetic, and create the design you envision is key.

Tattoos are a lifelong commitment, but many who have undergone the needle for ink return again and again to add to their designs and incorporate new imagery.

Some tattoo places in Orlando also do tattoo removal and revision, nose and ear piercing, and additional body modifications. Knowing that your tattoo shop can make these adjustments and help with other services means that you can enjoy continuity of service and develop a relationship with your tattoo artist or piercer, ensuring happiness with your body work for years to come.

How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

Completing a tattoo varies depending on the size and complexity of the image being inked. Some tattooers also have minimums for small designs, often around $50 for a flash tattoo or something fast like a name or minimal design that takes less than a half an hour.

More complicated tattoos, and larger styles are usually priced by the hour, with most Orlando tattoo artists averaging about $150 per hour. A baseball-sized design for example, could cost anywhere from $150-300, and a larger chest piece or back piece could run you upwards of $450-1,200 and up.

Your tattoo artist will work with you to determine the best size, time commitment, and budget for your new piece.

How Long Does Getting a Tattoo Take?

On average, you should expect to sit in the tattooer’s chair for 1-4 hours, but you may also have to come back for multiple sessions if the tattoo is complex or very large.

Often tattoo artists will begin with an outline and move on to color and finishing touches in a second session after healing from the first session is complete.

How Can You Book a Tattoo Artist Online?

Whether you are looking to add a subtle symbol marking your wrist, or have a full sleeve in mind, Booksy has skilled tattoo artists across the Florida area, working in a wide range of styles who can help you achieve your ink vision.

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