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Volume Lashes in Kissimmee

Volume eyelash extensions are the perfect way to give your eyes that extra pop, without all the added gunk (and raccoon eyes) that even the best mascara inevitably brings. And in Kissimmee, where the good times never stop, why not ensure that your lashes never stop either? What are Volume Lashes? Volume, or Russian lashes refers to a type of eyelash extensions, one focused entirely on adding a few extra va-va’s to your voom. What this essentially means is that instead of having only one fake lash applied to each of your real lashes, your eyelash extension expert will delicately glue double (and sometimes even triple) the number of fake lashes. This increase in lash volume translates to a more dramatic, fuller set of eyelashes. Benefits of Volume Lashes Volume lashes cover up bald patches along your lash line (since those extra lashes fill in more holes than regular extensions) One volume fake lash weighs less than one regular fake lash, plus less glue is used in the process, meaning your volume lashes don’t weigh your eyelids down Volume eyelash extensions give you an effortlessly dramatic look without the need for mascara which means you can… Roll out of bed and immediately start your day looking gorgeous How Long Do Volume Lashes Take? How long your volume lash extensions take will depend on the expertise of your Kissimmee lash application specialist, but plan on anywhere between 1.5 and 4 hours. Typically, volume lashes take longer than regular extensions, since they’re (literally) twice the amount of lash. How Long Do Volume Lashes Last? Generally, any lash extension will last about 6-8 weeks, although most eyelash experts recommend a touch up at the 4 week mark to ensure continued, flutteringly stunning volume. How Much Do Volume Lashes Cost in Kissimmee? The price of volume lashes near you starts at about $150 for a full set of extensions. As with anything this delicate and close to your super sensitive eyes, it’s important to ensure you go to an eyelash extension specialist who is well trained and works in a fully hygienic environment. Where to Get Volume Lashes in Kissimmee, FL Since you want the best, most highly reviewed, trained, and experienced eyelash extension expert, let us help you get the volume lashes of your Florida dreams! All you have to do is return to the listings above or download the Booksy app to start booking your lash extension appointment--today!